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You asked, we listened. We’ve been inundated with requests to offer the ability to ship, and it’s finally here. Welcome to the world of shipping on OfferUp. Smiley Happy


This original post can be found on the OfferUp blog over here. We also recently posted on the Community Blog as well!


From our CEO, Nick:


"In 2011, OfferUp paved the way for a simpler, more trusted way to buy and sell locally. We tested and tried the market to understand the needs of consumers who wanted to buy and sell in their communities, and built an experience that would save them time, while providing safety checks, on and offline, for more secure transactions. We’ve always approached the market with a different perspective — one that focused on the simplicity, dynamics, and trust of the market in order to build a sustainable business that could scale. Frictionless.


Today we take that mission nationwide, made possible with the ability to ship. We’re increasing the opportunities for our users to find exactly what they need, and reducing friction for them to complete a sale at the exact price they’re looking for. Our users have been asking for us to take the next step towards building a platform that will provide more opportunities for buyers and sellers to connect with people across the country, so that’s what we’re giving them. Now, it’s about simplicity and reducing friction at both a local and national level.


We’ve built a loyal community who see our marketplace not just as an app, but as a way of life. Many of our users depend on OfferUp as a way to earn or save money, so we believe we have a responsibility to increase their chances of having successful transactions.

Though local is who we are and always will be, meeting the needs of our users via shipping, was the next logical step for our business, because success is what keeps them coming back every day. We want to give them the choice and the opportunity to discover more value and make their best deals, whether they’re in the same neighborhood or across the country.





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I see that there are four weight categories for shipping. Is it a flat rate cost for each category? If so, what is the cost of each category? Does the 7.9% seller fee calculate from offer price only or offer price and shipping? Thanks
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Hello @miggy82

All excellent questions!

Have you shipped anything yet?

@Mj_206do you know where we can find the answers?

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From searching and buying it seems that the 0 - 0.5 lbs is $5, 0.5 - 3 lbs is $7, 3 - 10 lbs $12, and 10 - 20 lbs $30


It looks like the shipping seller fee is only calculated to the buy price and not the shipping price.


As a buyer, the hardest part so far has been for sellers to actually print out the label and ship the item. It seems as though there isn't much of an incentive for a seller to actually ship if they don't see that there is a pending payment to their account.


I really like the new feature because it is a great alternative to other methods and provides users access to sellers who might otherwise not post an item through other methods. The first shipping category seems kind of off though. There are many things that weight less than an ounce or not many ounces that are nowhere close to $5 shipping such as a stamp. If you wanted to buy a stamp that was shipped inside a regular envelope it would be $5 plus whatever the buy price is. That seems kind of silly when the cost of a stamp is 50 cents, ten times cheaper. Many items are in the format of a disc, such as blu ray movies, games, dvds, and the cost of $5 shipping seems kind of high. Right now the best rate for shipping is to look for items that are close to the shipping weight limit.

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Good to know @miggy82


I also like the idea and the benefits of having a shipping option! Smiley Happy


However, there are a lot of unanswered questions surrounding shipping also, there are many community members with unresolved shipping issues with slow response time from customer care.


Maybe, offerup will tweak the first shipping category as you suggested.


I will wait and watch before delving into the shipping feature.

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Hi @miggy82 Welcome to the forum,,,,,,,,,,,thanks for all the great information on the shipping,,,,,,,,,would love to hear more reports from you as you do more of it,,,,,,myself i probably wont get into the shipping part of it for a while,,,,,,,,,,i have heard some problems that sellers are having about getting the funds in their accounts in a timely matter from offerup after a sale has been done and the three day period has passed.

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I can see why the payment for shipping sellers can seem long. First they have to wait for the buyer to receive it. Then the buyer has 3 business days to say that everything is ok. After that OfferUp takes up to 5 business days to transfer the funds. If the average time to ship and receive is 3 - 4  business days it can take between 2 to 3 weeks for a shipping seller to receive their money.



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Yeah,thats too long @miggy82 after that three days passes that the buyer has to say everything is ok,,,it should be tranfered by offerup instantly,,,,,and the three days the buyer has should be just that,,,,,three days,,,,it doesnt need  to be business days,,a report from the buyer about something being wrong can be done 24 hours a day 7 days a week,,,,,,,,it doesnt need to be business days.

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I personally LOVE the shipping feature. I would rather pay the percentage than to schedule 6 no shows a day. Also, seems to be less haggling. I try to encourage shipping for small items (low cost) as it is not really worth my time to meet up for say a $10 item.

My newest gripe about locals is that no one values your time, I had a potential buyer ask if I'd meet her to see if her lamp shades worked well with a pair of lamps i listed for $12. Lol no, sorry, I don't waste my time with "trying". I give all details, it is up to you to make a decision to purchase or not. Good lord 😂
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Happy to hear you are liking this feature, @RevivalGypsy! What types of items are you selling? Smiley Happy