[FEATURE REQUEST] Ignore/Not Interested in Posts

Level 1

As I'm scrolling through, the vast majority of posts I am not interested in.  Even if I do a more specific search, there are plenty of results that I just don't care about.  It'd be nice to have a "Not Interested" or "Ignore" button so that the post doesn't keep showing up. 


For example, I look for "Snowboard Boots" and get a bunch of hits.  As I go through the results, I'll discard some for any number of reasons.  Sure, I can add the ones I'm interested in to a board, but now I have to manage that board.  I'd much rather just remove all irrelevant results and not have to worry about them again.  When I repeat the search next week, those same posts I don't care about are going to show up.

Level 1
It would be nice! Now you search anything once and your flagged to every item for the next however long it is til you look for something else lol. I am like I wanna see everything because yeah I might have been interested in a bike but **bleep** I dont need one that bad. I think it also makes people miss out on sales because of this. I know before this, I would look just cause, and see something which I never thought I would want but it caught my eye and I bought it. Now all I see is BIKES Smiley Sad lol.
Level 9
Are you talking about ads or app suggestions?