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Anybody else offer up app glitching? I have about 30 active FOLLOWERS but only 3 reflected on my profile. When I check my FOLLOWERS profile it clearly shows they are following me. I was hoping Offer Up support would update the community.
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No problems on this end, although I should mention that there isn't really a purpose for followers within the app.

Haven't had the impulse to look through other people's followers, which seems like the only way it could potentially be beneficial.

Anyways, I think it's a temporary thing.

Similar issues usually are.

Yes, I’m having the same issue as well as several others I know. I went from over 1000 followers to 86. I’ve messaged support several times and the issue is still not fixed. They keep saying “they are aware and working on it” Sometimes when I check my profile the count is correct and when I click and go back then the number drops again.

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Offer up staff support reached out and fixed the followers glitch. Make sure you submit your concerns under the HELP, CONTACT US, tab. Takes a few weeks, but they will assist.
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Thanks for the update. Hopefully it’s fixed soon. I’ve been reaching out for about a month and still nothing. They reply to initial message then the communication stops.
I am having the same problem, I went from almost 80 down to 3 followers. Most of my customers also complain they don't get there messages or can't hear them I should say.
My issue was finally resolved about a week ago. I’m not sure if it was all the messages I sent to support that got the issue resolved or if the system was updated and it worked itself out.
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Yeah you see, what the heck is going on?

If I had that many followers, Id be beside myself.


Bless your heart I hope it works out.

Its like they did an update or something. Who knows, they wont say.