I’ve posted Motorola Z phone of OFFERUP, someone name Robert Miller contacted me through text with an offer of $530 to send it to his friend in Nigeria who has his research trip, and asked me to send request payment through PayPal to continue the transaction, in short PayPal request $530 have been done but it was saying pending balance, after sending the request I’ve got an email confirming that  has accepted my request only it was pending because tracking number of the item must be sent to before the amount will be credited to my PayPal account, so I packed the phone and sent it to USPS address to Nigeria. After sending the phone to USPS I emailed the tracking number, and then another email was sent to me telling that my PayPal account is limited and not a business account so he added $470 plus $20.50 as an additional amount on my PayPal but I need to return to him the money by Western Union with the receive in Nigeria, he even texted me saying that he trusted me a lot that’s why he voluntarily added $470 on my PayPal account so I can have $1020.50 be credited to my account. As what happened without thinking and believing that it was PayPal messaging me through email and sending me confirmation in short I’ve sent him $470 and then email it again. He got the money from Western Union, and the phone is on the way to NIGERIA but still in the Custom, again an email was sent to me saying that the Customs is asking $500 so the phone can be release to the recipient, and then he texted me saying that he got an email that I need to send $500 to a person. The email saying custom bill notification, as it is the policy in Nigeria, this time I’ve realized that I was scammed by this person, it was the worst thing that happened for me. A lesson must’ve learned we must not trust anybody, I should double check the PayPal I should contacted them before sending anything anyway this is for anybody who will be scammed by this people. NEVER SEND PACKAGE TO NIGERIA, NEVER TRUST ANY WEBSITES IT MAY BE A SCAM OR FRAUD.

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Never trust anyone who tries to lower you off of the site to make payments through PayPal if they cannot make the payment through offerup then report that person because 9 times out of 10 it's a scam. Someone tried that with me already 3 months ago for a purse the PayPal payment said pending but I called paypal and they said there was no known transaction of the confirmation number I gave them next time call paypal to confirm payment or pending payment

Thanks! Yes that 100% true, I’ve learned from it, just now someone has sending me an offer of $100 additional for shipping fee to send to his friend and even introducing himself as a member of US Army based in CA and telling me the payment must be done through Moneygram only, after I told him I can’t do that he stop messaging BE ALERT SCAM IS EVERYWHERE!

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I soon as you see Nigeria, delete all from that person and block them. These folks have been scamming people for years on the internet.