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There is an account the name Jeff that is a fraud!
They sounded very sincere about the transaction stated that he would like to purchase furniture for his father, and asked to email actual photos of furniture and his father will respond he provided email
Through out the conversation he stated that he is moving and since movers will be in the area picking up furniture from storage they will come to pick up the furniture as well ( ok no biggie) here’s the red flag he stated that he will mail me a check and the movers cost will be included (wait aren’t they already going to be in the area , shouldn’t the movers cost be paid ? YES IT SHOULD) he stated that he will mail me a check for my asking price of $800 and the movers cost will be included, they mailed a check from IQ CREDIT UNION BANK! With a total of $2,850. (Paying 2000 for movers? Exactly) I found all of these things very suspicious. First and foremost I looked at the check and it was signed by some named kelly, from a company. Then I looked at the ups shipping label and it had the name John, secondly there was no memo or reason of check, when I asked about the memo the person brushed it off with a Ok. Then proceed to say that I had to deposit the check and when the check clears I have to make a money order payable to the movers before they can come pick up the furniture. ( WTF? That’s when I got defensive letting him know that that was not agreed upon I am not making any transactions or money orders or mailing anything to anyone, who’s moving me or you? DO THAT ON YOUR OWN TIME! I stated getting upset because of the conversation and the whole vibe was very misleading so I called the bank and the check is confirmed to be a fraudulent check! They stated that they do not have blue certified checks! This is sick and just crazy! Please beware !!!! They kept insisting to deposit the check I DID NOT! Nor did I give my furniture to anyone ! Just making everyone aware of things like this ! Please make sure you call banks to verify any kind of checks.

1. Offering to Mail a check
2. Appearing very serious about the transaction
And reminding you about trust.
3. Asking for your address, contact info etc....
3. Name on shipping label and name of person In contact not matching
4. Random checks from weird banks. Such as IQ CREDIT UNION (Please call ALL banks if a check is mailed to you to verify authenticity. Chase BOA ALL BANKS!)

Please never make the mistake to provide your real address or give anyone your phone number ! I know sometimes it’s hard to feel comfortable and make someone feel comfortable with you during a transaction. Download a free text and call app if you can.

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Also report the person. Offerup will typically take down the persons account within a few hours if there is proof of a scam, ie the messages that were sent between you and the scammer. I have seen it happen with several people I reported.
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Wow. The same thing just happened to me. I was contacted through the app saying the dad wanted my bed furniture and to email him. I emailed as naive as I am sometimes and they replied back in a lengthy email and I’m so uptight about giving my personal information over email to someone I don’t know. I felt suspicious and decided to google before I continued. THANK GOD. I reported the Offer Up Profile and blocked the email
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I had the same offer. Pay the movers. Luckily my bank looked into that and realized it was fraudulent. They called themselves SAMMYGREEK. Same trick like yours. I’m sure they were the same people.
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Warning do not buy any Card Games coming from Covington, Washington!

Recently Jacob Cantu
phone# 1-253-455-3898

I bought a magic the gathering collection from him back around March and sense the collection was so massive he said he would send it in parts. 2 were delivered with hardly anything in them.
I then tried to get in touch with him and he no longer takes my calls or texts.

He will insist on using the Venmo payment app. I was actually contacted by someone a month ago who saw I bought from Jacob and said that he and a friend were also victim's. This individual saw that I dealt with him and was messaging me to warn me.

So to make sure this scumbag doesn't rip someone else off I am sending this warning.


I just noticed a post from the same location and in it were items that were in my deal.

He is going by the name Josh. So please KEEP AWAY!
I don't want anyone else to be a victim.