Fake Offers

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@Mayhem Reply with thank you for your interest in the _______.
You have a two hour time frame in which to respond. If I don't hear back from you by ________ to set up a time and place to meet the
item will be offered to another interested buyer.

**bleep** it in the bud at the onset. Then when the do agree to the time and place remind them the day before to confirm. That you have a 15 minute grace period for those that are running late to the appt. At that time, you will be leaving and if they have not reached out to you that they were running late and did not show up it is offered to another buyer. Confirm again the day of 3 hours before you meet that the meeting is still taking place. Then again to the buyer when you are on your way to the meeting place. Then finally when you have arrived.

Then you can put in your meeting confirmation that no shows will be reported to OfferUp.
At the bottom of your confirmation
leading with two or three asterisks before stating so.

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Level 4
, Hi, What if the person is working? What If they are a Dr. or a lawyer or even a student or construction wrkr. Even a checker in a grocery store? The only ones who could respond are the non-working disabled, or someone not employed, or someone w day off. You have to say, "I'm free tomorrow, I will be at this address. If not sold tomorrow, my next free day will be two days later. Let me know if either day will be good for you. The first to want and pay for it gets it. Buying and selling is a co-operation. I can't tell you how many times, out of the blue, from a seller that says, I'm going to be at my storage for two hours, too late, too bad. You can't expect someone to stop their world BC the seller is Manic. That's totally unrealistic. The world does not spin at sellers command. Nor at the BUYERS command.
I've only know things from the side of being a buyer. I immediately inform the seller of something I'm interested in, that I am disabled (with something that could do great harm to me- not contageous) and can not jump at a moments command. I tell them (seller) the soonest I can arrange transport would be tomorrow. I understand that someone may want it, but if its still there, at a convenient time for seller, I'd like to come see it. Many have been very understanding, some respond with," If you want it bad enough, you'll be there." ( I am very sensitive, to someone using a disability as an excuse for being mean. To me, it felt like they were saying, " Mobility disabled, Need Not Apply."
So many here have gripped at the buyer. 'mean' comes in buyers and sellers. It means dealing with all types of people. But its time to see that there are good and bad in every group. But I've only seen cruelty 5 times here, and I'm not saying which side BC there shouldn't be sides here. We're here to fill a need, do a service, be happy with a sale,...of...each...other.
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@RevKaelene  This was merely an example, and certainly not meant to be disrespectful to a potential buyer.  You as the seller can set the amount of time that you choose is fair to wait to hear back from an interested party for your item.   I think 8-10 hours is a fair amount of time to give a person to respond for a time and place to meet up.    Sadly there were many nice sellers getting jerky irresponsible people that were saying they wanted the item, then flat out ignoring the seller after the seller attempted to reach out.  Or not showing up at the agreed upon time and place.   This is complete thoughtless behavior and should NOT be tolerated.   So my post was in response to that.  You have to **bleep** that stuff in the bud early by setting a boundary up front with people for the amount of time they get to respond,  communicating that to them letting them know if you don't hear back from them by that time, it will be offered to someone else.   Then promptly report flakes!  Those that say they want to buy the item and flat out ignore you after you reach out should be reported, as those that don't show up as well.  There needs to be accountabiliy for this type of awful inconsiderate behavior.  

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@Elin  I am a bit confused as to why the word **bleep** was put into my response?   I certainly used no swear word, I used the word n-i-p

"You  need to n-i-p that stuff in the bud early..." was the first part of my response.   It comes across as if I have used some form of profanity in my response.  Confused...

OfferUp employee

It must have been in our filter system. Nothing against you at all! 

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@ Elin  On a different note, is there someplace either within the app or the pc version which I can see a list of all the sellers I am following?  I could only see the list, when I went to my public profile and it shows there.  Am I missing something here?

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Go to website → Sign In · click on your profile or an offer → to the right there's a list.

Checked it myself just now, was unsure 😁 but that's the process.
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@goblin   YOU rock!   Heart

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Some people I refuse to sell to, when they request more photos, than they 5 I have already posted, some can be like a child wanting to collect photos and nothing more.


I tell them if you want to see more, look in person. I have looked up other sites and I have found my photo's used on another site.

Thanks for sharing the examples.