Fake Offers

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Dude this:

"I have looked up other sites and I have found my photo's used on another site."

Was upset when this happened to me.

I made my own images for a service I offer, even watermarked it.

I told the guy that we did business differently and I didn't want his customers coming to me if they had a bad experience.
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You have to make them come to you. No meeting up 10 miles away. If they really want it they will come to you, or nearby at a public place.
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@slrzYou are absolutely right, that's why, I think I said, there are good and bad interactions from both seller and buyers. If I didn't, I deeply apologize for that ommission.
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@goblin,I am so sorry that happened to you
Did you ever check on where else you found them? Maybe they were brother/sister corporations? Were you listed as seller at secondary site. If it never happened here, be assured, I don't think it would ( but that is an affirmation for mngmnt, not myself).
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I am getting offers wanting me to email them more pictures and telling me they will send me a bank check
All I need to do is give them my name, address and phone number
Once it is cashed they will get someone to meet me
I got 3 of these
Do they really think I don’t know it is the same person??😝
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I got two of these today. The person said that he will send movers to pick up the item along with a certified bank check. All I need to do is give my name, address, phone number and final amount. 


Sounds pretty fishy to me. No thanks.

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@roseyhope  Good grief......NO!  Typical scam.   Do NOT take cashiers checks, or checks.   Cash only.   Never agree to that kind of an arrangement it is a SCAM.   Sheesh some people annoy the crap out of me.   As I get older, I am less tolerant of the nonsense of others.    Why can't people act respectable, get a real job, instead of doing illegal shady things to earn money.    I have young sons,  I would be mortified if my sons ever conducted themselves this way.    I want my sons to be respectful,  caring, productive people in life.   Not shady criminals, or self entitled brats.  

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idk if anyone else had this problem but someone just messaged me and said they wanted to buy what i was selling, and i asked them when they would be able to pick it up, and then they asked for my number ? i told them there was no reason for that, we can communicate through offer up, i just found that odd.
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@Cheff Just tell them sorry it is against the OfferUp guidelines.
I communicate through this app only and check it often.

Still interested in the item?
If so I have ______day or ______
available. Could be a potential scammer. Did you check out their profile first?