Fake Offers

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Have had nothing but positive purchases and sales via Offerup here in Milwaukee
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I recently had a person make offers on 4 items, made arrangements to meet and they never followed through. This happens all the time, but you can't rate them unless they purchase. It's frustrating but part of the business I guess.
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Hi @BBargains sorry to hear that did you report this person to OfferUp and block them from contacting you in the future? Also check the new profile tools the OfferUp team added, help you make you decide if people are reliable.
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In all the people I have bought from, only had one person blow me off. This is the best site ever. I recommend it to all my clients and friends. The site is great.
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Hi @TaxLady welcome to the forum 😊
Yes I totally agree with you, I’ve been selling on OfferUp for years. And I totally think 🤔 it’s the best app for selling and buying by far. 👍
Naw...this isn't social media. Im not here to make friemds by any means and wouldn't in my business either. Not trying to make enemies by no means. But business and pleasure do not mix. Keep it professional and keep it legit. U ask me about an item and then not respond when I respond, then I'm reporting ur tail. Might even block u if I feel like its deserved. I am a business woman. Im here to make money and provide items people want or need. I don't sell stolen or broken items. I keep a high rating and I keep my word. If ur texting hey what's up to people u meet then ur putting itself out there to look desperate, needy, and available for being taken advantage of. Mayne even manipulated into situations that got far beyond professionalism. Keep social hook ups for social hook up sites not a business app.
Wrong. Have to weed out the people who are here to abuse the app.
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I was wondering that too what do you mean by relationship
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This happens all the time