Fake Offers

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It’s not the app or any app, it’s just **bleep**ty people!! I get those all the time! It’s so simple to say nevermind or not interested anymore! Ugh!
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I left Let Go because people were sending me "certified checks " from some bank. Of course I knew they were not real even kept them and printed out our email communications and reported to the local police. Unfortunately they said since I never cashed them there was nothing that could be done about it. Now I only take cash and I always have proof that the items I am selling are real, be it a reciept or whatever. But you are 100% correct these scam artists need to go.
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@Chillaxed, you need to check out rules about posting names like this. Also, look into how you can conduct safer transactions.
You should report any offense to your local police.
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How many times does this happen. I think the ones I really have issue with are people who don't look at geography. People who live far I never take seriously.
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Same here , I just let it go , but I know the frustration my thing is why click “Im interested”if ur not going to follow up??? I even post on all , only serious inquiries only please? Ugh but yes the frustration is there reguadless. I make no promises tell I know there in front of me with cash only in hand period.....
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Yes , it happens a lot? And u post firm on a price and the expect it for practically free ugh but it’s life
Thanks for the heads up
Thanks fpr 411
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I havw had almost all good sales and purchases on here. I also get a lot of offers from lowballers or people who flat out say they want something but dont follow thru. Its frustrating but if its only messages who cares. Its only a big deal if they schedule a meet and never show or whatever. That has not happened maybe once over the last couple years so overal its best site ive used so far...
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Agreed. I think there should be a 3 strikes you’re out or some policy like that.