Fake Offers

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I totally agree and it’s good to see people standing up and speaking out that is the only way people will listen to other people and actually pay attention
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I just started this groups I have a grandchildren and family is what I am doing so bad. I am so sorry about the mix up. I
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it's true wherever you go this will happen. maybe we can report people who do this n can get a rating for scheduled but no showed that lowers their score they will not keep scheduling!
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I totally agree! I am so frustrated I am quiting offer up! Sick of loser' s not showing after making an offer!!
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@Cheryl1950 Hey! I'm sorry you feel that way. Is there anything I can explain that will help? When dealing with potential buyers, we always ask members to communicate through the app and to keep communication open and as honest as possible. For instance, if they decide they don't want the item anymore or if you as a seller decided to go with someone else's offer, you tell them. Sometimes, yes, you will have people who don't respond. Make sure when agreeing to do a transaction, that you check out their profile, ratings, and reputation within the community to make sure they are reliable, communicative, on time, etc. It may help you in moving forward with members looking to buy your items. 

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I haven't read all the responses but is it possible to report the flakers?
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Hi Im Jeremy , I have a theory and a pattern to point out . 


THEORY: People are impulsive, it delivers adrenaline and dopamine to make quick choices and makes them feel bad in a good way. So if you get the sale complete before the burn out happens your golden. 

PATTERN: Alot of sellers are using meet up vantages and times to control the sale mostly because they feel the buyers are holding chips and overbearing your items. Well, your killing your own records. Are you making yourself available quickly, efficiently and prompt enough to not inconvenience the buyer. I know this next sucks but consider the season and what others are and are willing to do to finish the sale like free delivery etc etc. If your causing any kinks in the chain your losing that buy. So think hard about the psychological aspects  between the buyer and the seller. 

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We could really go down a rabbit hole here but what you are seeing is the slow fade of an antiquated concept known as being well-mannered, treating others the way you want to be treated etc. As a teacher and a parent I can tell you we have dropped the ball imparting the importance of saying please, thank you, making eye contact, smiling, being courteous, patient, We don't have time for that anymore, it's not held up as a virtue, my goodness, look at who we elected to find out how we prioritize general civility. You see it here with people not doing the polite thing like saying that they changed their minds or that they found something they liked better or apologizing for not following through, heck...really worrying about anybody else at all. Its the most depressing thing about this site, letgo, craigslist, is the lack of being treated like a human being. 

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easy way to flag fake people. Go back and forth in conversation. The ones that don't answer are the fake ones then flag them as not responding to messages. It gets them flagged and untrusted. Remember this is how the sales world is. Even in outside sales you will run into flakes. Or lookie. Loos. Same same. Just consider them window shopping. And people change there minds so quickly. That's all. You will sell your items to others. Sooner or later. Hope this helps.
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Maybe we need two sets of ratings. One for transaction like what we have now, item has to be sold to rate. And another for interaction, as long as a conversation is started then we can rate it after maybe 48hrs or so. But the truth is a lot people seems to loose any sort of decency, manners and courtesy when they’re behind a screen. Or what need is a way to send the stink eye, like a virtual one. That’s the reason people aren’t usually rude in a real interaction because they react to facial expressions of the one opposite them.