Fake Offers

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I was having the same issues until I started telling potential customers that if they didn't respond quickly then I would pass it onto the next person. I've gotten 20 different people saying they were on there way..no one showed up. So now I tell them to message me when they are at the meeting place. If I don't hear from them the deal has been broken
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I don’t blame you, I’ve been burned many times. I end up blocking people like that. I used let-go for a few weeks and received offers such as “I want it for free” or $5 for a $50 item. I’d rather donate an item than deal with that. Why would I spend the time taking pictures, writing a description and deal with them if I was just going to give it away? I found offer up much better even with it’s quirks. That being said, I don’t find it any safer than Craigslist. Anyone can use it and there isn’t much you can do about it.
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Hi @Love_vintage yes you can report them, just tap on their photo in their posts, then from there profile page tap on the report button in the right top corner,
You will also get the option to block that person from contacting you in the future.
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Yup happen to me to! Little weasels
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It’s more likely from people who made this app. The process is To keep sellers on this app.
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This needs to stop
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At least it isnt no show Facebook marketplace! I was out in the cold for 4 hours cuz of a fool! I cured on Christmas eve 😳

I make them come to me.  I have a small boutique in a business bldg.  meet them in the foyer.  You could use your bank 

“at your convenience”.  I never let them pick the place.  Good luck, don’t give up because some illiterate jerks hurt your feelings, wasted your time.  I had a real jerk email me I had sold him a fake Tiffany necklace and bracelet.  I lit into him like all billy hell.  He backed off quick!

I do not encourage relationships.  Meet, greet, exchange, and go on down the road,

Once I bought a powered subwoofer that the kid bragged about shaking the walls...so I got home and plugged it in. Power light came on..but sounded horrible..so I opened it up and hundreds of roaches came running out. And the woofers were deteriorated falling apart. I tried to get back in touch with kid, and of coarse blow off..