Fake Offers

No one likes being lied to and stolen from.
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I get the same thing alot but your gonna have that
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I mostly use Facebook yardsale groups and haven't had much success selling on here unfortunately. Get a lot of strange responses.
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@Fastgt96 Hi! I'm curious as to the kinds of responses you are getting. What else are you experiencing here that you would like tips on? Let us know Smiley Happy

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Hi Elin,
In response to your question on how other people try to fake a person out.
There are people who play games in sales. If a person is lacking skills to spot a fake or not they could be in trouble. I have been in sales for over 40 years so I can spot em' in a minute. It's human behavior is what will help a person hone in on these typical type of folks.
Everyone wants a deal. You hold the ball in your court. You have the final say or not to say anything at all. As of late a new game has came into play.
There is a few people out there who team up. Make several accounts. Then one makes an offer, then shortly thereafter, the next person will make another offer and immediately ask for your address. NEVER give your address without screening these types if people. Delay your answers, then come back later to ask if they are still interested. More than likely they don't answer. They are called fishers, (or tag team) looking for addresses. For what ever their reasons might be and it's almost always criminal. Seller beware.
Hope this helps the community! : )
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Good luck, LetGo is just as bad if not worse. I sell on both platforms, just report people who no show, and continue to move on. Sadly this is the cost of doing "business" =[. I've had this happen a few times to me but it's best to not let a bad egg spoil the successes you have had thus far.
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@Hml Thank you so much for sharing your observations with us. We will work hard on cracking down on these types of accounts, especially if they are fishing for addresses before really both having the buyer and seller agree on a transaction. Please report them through the app as you come across them so our teams can look into their accounts. Again we suggest everyone meet in a public place you feel comfortable with, like a grocery store, coffee shop, police station parking lot, Community MeetUp Spot, etc. Smiley Happy

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Thanks to offer up I can now ship items!!
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I know exactly what you mean..
Someone keeps advertising jewelry offered to buy and meet up only to get no response and they're still on here blocked by me. Offer up should 86 these mean ppl and not let them on !!!!!!
One complaint with proof should be good enough.. I've been with offer up since they started.......

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How do you know when someone is fake?

Bcuz they change their mind about buying or selling an item?