Fake Offers

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Watch out for this approach. Whats to stop them from saying they are there, and you go over there to meet them and they really arent. If this should happen, report them and then do an instant BLOCK. They more than deserve to face the actions of the powers to be. When ppl play games, nvr doubt the levels they will go to. Plus, if they are professionals, they may already know your address, and while you are off to meet them, they may be watching your residence for a break in attempt.
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Check their profiles and reviews. If they have a history of not showing up, dont schedule a meet up with them. There are always better ones out there who dont play games. #1 Rule- STAY SAFE.
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Is there any way, that in the reviews area, if we can verify we have been working with them and they 'NO SHOW', we can score them on that?
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No there is not a way to rate on the offer up site to rate buyers who do not show up for there meetings. In the box that asks for your opinion you are able to state the issue. You can give a personal rating in that note. Add suggestions. After enough times there are complaints about the no show offer up will rate them on their own. You can also block them! That's what I do! They do not get a second chance to do that to me again.
Hope this helps.
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Hi @RevKaelene @Hml I’m on the OfferUp Early Access testing the new features, the OfferUp team is aware of this issue and is working on addressing this kind of behavior in the future.
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Letgo is just as bad. By fake offers do you mean knockoffs? Or having an item listed they don't really have. I always ask them if the product has a registration number and any papers. If it's a fake item I don't think I have had that problem yet
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Of course @Marie37, I get same on other platforms. It's not a problem with the app, it's people, haha. The apps just make it easier with one button taps, in hand convience and anonymity. You never have to look someone in the eye. It's just something that comes with higher technology and lower societal norms.
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im curretnly dealing with something that sounds similiar to fake offers i purchased an rv which was picture perfect until the vehicle stalled and went unresponsive to jump start or fuel. a seller named Phillip in ontario basicly commited theft of my money and sold me asuper sour lemon.reported and contacting the police.

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Welcome to the Community Forums @jehfis7231. Sorry to hear about such a terrible experience. In the US different states have "lemon laws" regarding used vehicles. They obviously vary state to state. I don't know about Ontario. Buying something like a vehicle is alwys complex and has high risk because so many things can go unseen for many miles. I also don't know about vehicle inspections in Canada either. Did the vehicle have up to date stickers? Did the seller provide any records of service or repair? Did the make any respresentations or disclosures that were in writing? It's not always possible but a mechanic giving a vehicle a once-over is always recommended with used vehicles. 

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I see it's solved, but I'd like to throw my thoughts out there.

I agree, this is terrible and unfortunately happens everywhere.

Things to remember is to look at their profile after they have made an offer.

With the better rating system that dissalows multiple accounts and fake stars, you get somewhat more accurate results.

Look for stars, location, join date, name etc.


Ask if they're able to pick up in your location.

I had a guy who timidly said, "I'm sorry, you lived far and was embarrassed to reply back." a couple days later, after I had sold to someone else.

Don't go too far yourself either.

It's tempting to sell to someone who is willing to pay for gas, but if I were you I'd politley decline and maybe make an excuse.