Fake/Scam posts for vehicles

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Every single day my timeline gets cluttered with fake garbage ads for vehicles. They are clearly scams as they list an unrealistic and obviously fake low price, say not to message on OfferUp and to email them only. I even see some that have photo shopped a fake “OfferUp verified” or fake trueyou symbol.

These idiots are preying on the less knowledgeable and keep posting so they must be having some success.

What I don’t understand is why there are prohibited actions and posts if nothing gets enforced. I report everyone I see and yet they do not get removed even.

Want to make this app better and weed out the scammers and spammers??? This is a big one! Easy fix...any user can send messages or receive replies, but ONLY verified True You users can post items!! That fixes everything!!!
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I completely agree I probably flag at least a hundred of those ads a day. The formatting is always almost identical if they want restrict posting thinking at least update the software to look for certain key phrases like my messages don't work email me directly and Keep Those ads from getting up
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Hi @Tanthony I agree always report this behavior for sure, about fake TruYou symbol, definitely report the person doing this for sure, as I’ve committed on this issue before, I’ve also seen really low prices on vehicles, some being salvage title, When a car has been in an accident, stolen or weather-damaged and repairs will cost more than the vehicle is worth, the car insurance company will total it and take possession. Insurers then sell these cars at auction to salvage yards or rebuilders. I would highly recommend saying clear of these vehicles. you wouldn’t want you family driving around in a vehicle that’s been in a really bad accident or in a flood.
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Hey @Tanthony! Every time you are reporting them (which is so great by the way, thank you for doing that), our team starts an investigation into the accounts and based on the information available, takes the appropriate action. Please be aware though that actions taken on other users accounts may not always be visible to you, but that it's being handled.


If you see a user's profile but they don't have any items anymore, chances are they have been removed from the platform to a degree that they can't interact with other community members. I hope this helps some! 

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I have been reporting these supposedly vehicles for sale for the scams they are. It’s obvious. Especially when they want to communicate thru email instead of the regular forum thru offerup. We should post an alert and warning for others because not everyone will catch on and will get scammed
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Hi @Agosto welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,
members usually get messages telling them they are about to violate OfferUp guidelines.
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Offerup needs to do better with scams. The car scams are out of control. The scams are so obvious.
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I've been reporting all the fake car ads I see and writing to them to post a message with it every car ad that if they ask for your email to contact them then it's a fake ad. It's what they do on Craigslist because there were so many scams asking people for emails or accepting money orders from out of state. That would be a simple fix but offer up has not figured out yet.
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@50Tech wrote:
That would be a simple fix but offer up has not figured out yet.


Other than hiring 100's of people staring at a computer screen, browsing millions of ads nationwide, removing these fake ads manually, what is the "simple fix"? Remember, this is a FREE app that has yet to make a profit.  I don't kow of any free selling platform without scam ads.


There is a reason why the "fake" car ads are not seen (for the most part) on sites like eBay. It costs the users money and is not free.


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What they should do maybe go to a system like Craiglist list does on scams. Flag the ad and in a short while the ad is removed. What I’ve experienced on offerup when you report a scam sometimes it takes hours to be removed.