False accusations

Level 1
Some lady is accusing me of selling a dirty used item when I had sold an unused clean item she is just trying to keep the item and send a crappy one back

Sorry to hear that Smiley Sad FYI there are usually NO RETURNS when selling through venues like this. Stick to your resolve!

Level 3
People in general a good but every once in a while your going to run into some jerk that's going to ruin your perspective of people that are truly "good". I always make sure that I have a couple of pics of whatever I'm selling especially ones from different angles & lighting. If your product is new sealed in a box or container than try to include in your pic a shot of a serial # or sku that way you can have proof of prior ownership, if it's used than try to include something unuasul(scratch,dent) or if possible the serial # that way you will have documentation. It's easy to accuse than it is to prove, so always be ready to prove if an object was yours or not, then make sure you report the person and block them.
Level 9
If what you say is true, block her and move on — don't waste time with these types of people.
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@Tango3 wow sorry to hear that, @Decades_Antqs is right, Tango3 good point, looks like you’ve added some really good advice as well for OfferUp members thanks for sharing. 👍