False accusations

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I sold a smart TV yesterday to a really nice lady..but after she got the TV home she said that it wasn't a smart TV she couldn't get online..I told her she may have to goggle how to use the settings because i used my chromecast on it..I had looked up thy model number of the TV before i put it online to sell..I do this because i want to make sure I am not over pricing a used product and I cut and paste the make and model for the title of the item I am selling..she. Has thyeatened me with the police, she wanted half her money back to make the TV a smart TV..and now shes demanding all of her money..how do i handle this
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I would tell her that she had time to check it out before buying it and that all sales are final. However, a refund is ultimately up to you if that's what you want.
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You have done your due diligence prior to the sale of the smart TV.
IMO... would final message her explaining you are a private seller and do not give refunds, personal choice.
This is when specified depots to check electronic sales would be awesome to be able to access.
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Then, would block the user if they continued with idle threats. GLTU!
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@Kkbristow--Hello!! As stated by @aidenholley and @REMEMBRANCE, I would communicate with the buyer a final time, & note that there was the opportunity to inspect the T.V. & all sales final. If you're continuing to get harassed, you should report the buyer, & block her from further communication. Good luck!!
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Thank you..I knew I had followed professional proceedures with this sale..I have not had bad ratings and am careful when it comes to detail..I pointed out to the woman that this is a civil matter, but she needed to look up the model number of the TV to know what was needed for them to be able to get online..i did report her and i did block her after I expressed that god bless her family and i pray it all works out for her