Feature request - Vacation setting

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Is it possible to add Vacation setting feature? When a seller is away ( vacation, personal emergency, need a break) they can set up vacation/away setting on their profile - so buyers know seller is away and there might be a delay in response. I try to respond all my buyers with a reasonable time frame <1 hrs but when I am on vacation those responses are delayed (due to time difference, tied up with other priorities, no access to phone).

Reason I am suggesting this - I dont want buyers to get an impression that a seller is not interested in making a sale, if they are not prompt in replying to msgs.
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Awesome idea! ! !
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Love this idea, @Sood, and welcome to the community, @GeekMom

I've definitely made a note of this idea Smiley Wink

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Totally agree 100% to this ideas @Sood sometimes vacation it a must needs it rest.😊
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It's officially Summer - Has there been any resolution to the Vacation Notice from 4 weeks ago?
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@Kats_Store It is summer! No update on this specific feature, but since we have been sending out reports weekly with user feedback and what they would like fixed/ like to see more of/ like to see new - lots of exciting things are coming down the line. We will definitely add this request again to this coming week's report, especially since now that it's summer, more people are requesting it. Smiley Happy

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Elin - Thanks for the quick response. I am excited and happy to hear about new items coming down the pipeline. 😊YIPPY😁
I appreciate you stay on top of this issues and all the hard work you're doing. I am going on vacation in a week & a half, is there anything I can do or prepare to do now ... To let my customers know I will be away?
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Hey @Kats_Store! What you can do, is temporarily disable your account, and then reopen it once you're back from vacation! We understand that this causes a little bit of an inconvenience, so we're definitely working on ways to improve this Smiley Happy

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If you disable, will your items for sale still be there when you reopen?
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I agree, we do need that feature. 
I set up an entry and announced that the it will be on vacation. But that's not enough.