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Hey everyone,


You have all been great at sharing some amazing ideas and features you would like to see become a reality on OfferUp. So, I wanted to create a post where we can all share our ideas in one spot!


We will call it our Feature Wishlist. If you could have us change anything, or add anything, what would it be?


Can't wait to hear your ideas!! Share away! Smiley Happy




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I’m curious as to what’s happening on your end. How are you seeing NON LOCAL ads if you have PICK UP selected? I don’t seem to be having any issues on my end
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Elin, I'm only speaking on my own behalf however, in certain others feel the same way. There is no way to provide feedback on deadbeat buyers, those who say: I'll meet you here at "X" time and I travel there, wait for some time and the buyer no longer responds, doesn't show, and has nothing on their profile that would indicate otherwise.

In a particular situation I would not have left my home and traveled 23 miles away, wait for 45 minutes - being that I traveled a great distance, only to be left holding the proverbial bag.

There needs to be a way sellers can rate buyers once they've agreed to meeting. EG, meet at this place (you already have this option) and both parties confirm meeting at "X" time and lock both parties in to that commitment, nce you've arrived at your location you should be able to "check in" to show you've made it there and at that time enable the ability to be able to rate a buyer at that point forward.

Too many of us are getting burned by these hagglers who have no real intentions of meeting up...
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Silent or regular auction option with buy now option at a 15% increase from what the seller buy now cost is to cover fees without cutting the cost we gain from the sale.
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Bundled Offer button should be available at checkout if you want to buy more than one thing from a seller
it helps to increase sales and minimize inventory
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Thanks for sharing @Big-Savings @Perfect_Storm. I know there are more out there, I've seen them! Come on everyone, share so we can discuss here too Smiley Happy

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Bump bundles! I bump a bunch of items - it would be cool to buy 3 for $5 or something like that. 

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I’d totally recommend free bumps, maybe giving them out every once and a while.
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@Hotrod Very good idea and I believe we have some exciting things coming up to help combat this. 

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separate categories for car dealerships and private party car, we also definitely need the option to be able to delete old posts we don’t want or need from the archive folder.
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My biggest wish would be, stopping people, that like to hassle people for having an item on too long for them, and sending it through the question option, all we can do right now is report the issue and block them.