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The shipping option is black and white.


How do you enforce the differentiation between "PRIVATE and COMMERCIAL"? Those that you define as commercial will shift their posting methods in every way/shape/form to emulate the definition of your version of "PRIVATE" at any cost, since there will be more potential user "eyeballs" on the private section.

Agreed @Lapua,

@AlejandroDe suggested that OU ONLY be PRIVATE and I suggesteda compromise.

It sounds like you are dying to fill in the weekness' of my general suggestion.

So what would

Sorry about that, my fingers got ahead of my typing.

So what would you do to ensure sellers don't breach the original intent of my proposition?
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Would love to have the map available for drop pin or ability to enter city name instead of zip codes.
Always have to back out to Google zip code if the city I would like to look in.
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@jessejane Ooooh! GREAT suggestion! Welcome to the community Smiley Very Happy

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I live on an island, so something that is "5 miles" away can take hours to get to. I think it'd be nice and helpful if their was a way to draw on the map the areas you want to search.
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---Nice--- @draken9111
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That will never happen
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I would love to see a few minor changes that would help me and any other sellers with a large number of items posted for sale, this has been said before but I'm starting to think these simple changes would have been impkimented by now.


First thing that would be saving me a huge amount of time would be to have a link on the message board or on the items post that we could mark the item sold! As it is now there's a link to save, edit and share (I think that's what they are) but why would I be saving my own listing? Why not have that changed to mark as sold? That saves me from having to go through 500 to 600 listings trying to find things that are not able to be rearranged in any way other than by when they were posted. Even if I could group items by category it would help, or by price, or alphabetically, anything but how it is now. I make a sale then dpend 10 minutes looking for the item when I can simply click on the message from the buyer and mark it sold and rate them right then and there. Plus I would have the buyers name right there so I would not be mixing up who bought it.


The other thing would be to have a way to reduce prices or add content to a large group of sales all at once. Rather than going through each sale 1 by 1 just to add a few words or add a sentence to each post, or marking down prices on items that haven't sold in a certain amount of time. Just have a way to select all sales that have been posted for a certain amount of time be rounded up in a group that can have prices reduced or increased by a percentage or all changed to one price. Or have aan entire category chosen to be changed.


These are by far the most usefull changes that can be made, plus they aren't difficult or asking for unreasonable additions that will go largely unused. I don't want to step on any toes here but most if the additions people want to see are really overboard when there so many little things that would greatly help save time.


1 other suggestion would be to be able to see all items a buyer has contacted you about shown all at the same time, this will help buyers when they come to buy and also help me get things ready for them when they arrive. 90% of the time buyers show up and spend a huge amount of t of time trying to look through all my posts trying to locate items they wanted. It takes me even longer to find stuff since I tend to hide messages after they contact me just to keep it uncluttered as possible. For me to see everything they messaged me about takes more time while buyers stand there waiting for something that should be very simple to find. But going through a list if hunrdeds of messages trying to find all of theirs and unhidding them takes time, then I have to open each one to see exactly what they want and see if there was any price changes I agreed to. Then locate each item takes even more time. I see buyers doing the same thing every time they come over, searching and giving up on finding extra items I could be selling because the app is hard to use and takes time to find anything since there's no way for a buyer to directly search just for my sales unless they open my account and browse (not too many buyers know how to do this) they tend to give up after a few minutes of trying. Plus items are so hard to see each item needs to be opened to verify if it's the correct one, this could take a few hours with my listings.

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-You sound extremely busy @zinda-
---Think your suggestions sound like excellent ways to streamline very active users---
Thanks for taking the time to contribute them! 👍☺