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@green Totally agree. We're just starting out and still launching to the public more and more each week, but maybe we could have a whole forum dedicated to Feature Requests moving forward - I like that idea Smiley Happy


"I suggest to add lifetime for listings, for example if an item is listed for more than a month force seller to confirm his listing for another month. If he doesn't do anything just unlist the listing." - Love this. 

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I want to be able to block seeing a specific users listings. There are a few resale shops around me that just flood the app listing everything in their inventory. That's what having a storefront is for.... I feel like this app should be for p2p sales; not free advertising for your overpriced thrift store.
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As a seller, I would like to see the amount of allowable pictures increased above 5. Some items require more detailed photos, and sometimes 5 isn’t enough (IMO) to show the item properly.
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i am new and had a friend pick up my items on her way home from work. everyone was in a hurry, so i didn't ask her to check them all over (they were in a grocery bag) and one item in particular had been skillfully photographed. it's s a handball listed as 'used, normal wear' but it is anything but. the handles are completely destroyed. there is no using that bag.
i tell this big long story here because i kind of don't know what to do. she's only given me feedback on one of the items i purchased from her, so i feel as if i rate her poorly, she'll do the same to me. i have bought a
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and sold on ebau
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sorry, i have shaky fingers sometimes Smiley Sad
i have bought and sold on ebay since 1995 and have a perfect rating. i don't want a bad one here.
i wish we could give feedback
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@veruccasalt Hi! Thanks for sharing what happened. We always suggest looking over an item when meeting up with the seller when exchanging to make sure it's what you both agreed to. We are adding a few new features to the rating system that you should be able to see soon that will hopefully help with providing more feedback while rating. Please let me know if I can help you in any way Smiley Happy We're here to help. 

Please please add @Perfect_Storm’s suggestion. Much needed feature. 👍 (feedback for deadbeat buyers, no shows)
“Permanent delete” option for archived items. Definitely keep the archive but allow certain items to be removed from it.
This is true, especially for vehicles. If I have a vehicle for sale, I will post it here and on Craigslist too, because Craigslist allows many more photos.