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@Kali108 go to the main listing page where all the items are and click the locator iron at the top right corner and you can set the distance for the local adds. I guess if there's not much listed in your area it might show items within the next distance range.
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This happens when browsing to buy items.


One seller kindly replied it was not local to my area because they forgot to click button for pick up only/no shipping.


It's not very efficent looking through all these items with many from other states. :/

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This is when browsing to possibly BUY items.

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I just posted here before I saw this thread https://community.offerup.com/t5/Welcome/FEATURE-REQUEST-Ignore-Not-Interested-in-Posts/m-p/38275


In any case, I'd like a way of ignoring or otherwise marking a post as "not interested". As I'm scrolling through, the vast majority of posts I am not interested in. Even if I do a more specific search, there are plenty of results that I just don't care about. It'd be nice to have a "Not Interested" or "Ignore" button so that the post doesn't keep showing up. For example, I look for "Snowboard Boots" and get a bunch of hits. As I go through the results, I'll discard some for any number of reasons. Sure, I can add the ones I'm interested in to a board, but now I have to manage that board. I'd much rather just remove all irrelevant results and not have to worry about them again. When I repeat the search next week, those same posts I don't care about are going to show up. I can't rely on people putting the exact words I'm looking for in the item description, so searches remain broad brushed.

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Not likely going to happen... Offerup has very limited search features and options. Hasn’t changed in 3 years, not likely to change anytime soon. I and many others have been requesting very simple changes to be made with no avail. Seems they are more focused on putting ads in front of our faces
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Why is this marked SOLVED! ? This is still not solved.


My OfferUp is still congested with ads from sellers in other states and yes it is set to my local area and I'm browsing to Buy stuff.



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I assure you things HAVE CHANGED, and unfortunately for the worse.


Before OfferUp started offering Shipping option a user could browse their local ads to buy stuff.


NOW it is diluted with stuff for sale from other states.


No, I don't want to waste my time seeing or risk my $$$ to buy stuff from other states in my OfferUp.


*Also, look at the rediculously low prices people have listed to ship. I saw a large fence over two thousand miles away and shipping said 20.00.... Impossible to ship what I was looking at for that!


Thanks, and please keep letting OfferUp know your desires... things may get better as it once was.

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I personally have not experienced the “out of state” stuff for sale when I have LOCAL PICK UP selected ... maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling the app ? A glitch ? Yeah... they mark stuff as being solved when it’s not 🙄
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 Hi, local pickup is only able to be chosen if you are Selling something.


Please Offer OfferUp Customer care your suggestions to improve what used to be one of my favorite apps!,

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SOLVED but not (yet) fixed.


A message to OfferUp Customer Care was answered in less than 5 minutes.


I have posted her reply here to hopefully help others and also get other app users to contact Customer Care when needed. Thanks Vicky =)


  • Please Please PLEASE install a way for Buyers to eliminate seeing ad's from local area chosen. My OfferUp buying experience has diminished dramatically as now when I browse there are ad's diluting page from Non Local areas. Many don't want to deal with shipping to or from. Please fix this! Thanks =)

  • Vicky
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    Hi Kali I'm Vicky, an OfferUp user and Community Expert. 

    Thank you for writing in!

    I'm sorry, there's no way to us to turn those off at this time. 

    I wish we could!

    I'll be very happy to pass this along to the OfferUp staff for their consideration and Thank you for taking the time to write in with your input! 

    Please feel free to let me know if you need further assistance.