Features Wishlist

Level 1
Just putting this out again. It'd be super helpful if there was an option to "draw" your search area. Due to where I live, something that is "5 miles away" can take hours to get to but some things that are 20 miles away take less than 30 minutes to get to. Thank you!
Level 1
1) Ability to filter by seller's rating and number of ratings
2) Change shipping default to off/disabled for new items (since the majority of sellers don't actually want to ship and wastes the interested customers' time)
3) Add time stamps to all messages
Level 1
I set mine for 10 miles too. But it always resets to 30 miles.
That's annoying, but what really bugs me is the new thing they have when you're looking at items and every time you click on one, it starts you at the top again. I hate that!
Thanks for letting me vent. 😡