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@Hotrod I like the incentive idea. Definitely good feedback. 

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also automatically delete duplicate posts in multiple categories other than the original category
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Have about not showing an item more than once over and over?
Or a way to connect with vendors to network.

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@Hotrod @Pielde21 Definitely hear you guys. Maybe in the future Smiley Happy

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I’d like to be able to delete notifications. Maybe I just haven’t found how to do it but I hate going through several I know I’m not going to buy/sell from
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Being able to resize photos when posting. Like all the ither apps can. And send photos through chat when a buyer wants more photos. Instead of having to get a # or email.
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@Tiredin33844 Two very good points. Those features and capabilities have been asked for by many Smiley Happy

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Just wanna it’s pretty cool how offerup updated the reviews to show a bit more details recently, good to know some feedbacks and being implemented.

One other feature I would like is to be able to have more control over the distance setting in the filter, might be too much to ask to be able to draw an area on the map, kinda like Redfin and Zillow, but it think it should be more refined than just 5/10/... miles increment, thanks
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I think it would be better have separate section for requested features rather than having one thread for all requests. Single reason is because some of the features can be promoted some not, plus easy to track them. Anyways here's what I'd like to see and maybe some other users as well.

One of the annoying things that I'm facing is when seller doesn't respond at all. It's not because I'm giving low price or saying something wrong, it's just because he is inactive. There are thousands of super old posts that were posted years/months ago. Some people stop using offerup, some already sold and forgot to make it as sold and so on. I suggest to add lifetime for listings, for example if an item is listed for more than a month force seller to confirm his listing for another month. If he doesn't do anything just unlist the listing. There is no reason to keep a listing in a database and searches if the seller is inactive.
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That has happened twice to me on here, there should be something implemented about this!