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Delete / archive multiple items at once.
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I would like to be able to see who my followers are. I see the qty of followers, but it would be nice to see the profiles, as it may be able to assist me in crafting future listings to get to a bigger, more specific audience.
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1. To be able to pay pal or venmo people for an item in another state. And have a link to an Uber or Lyft to pick up and drop off the item at a a fed ex or packing store.

2. To be able to type in a word and search all of offer up. I have to go by the zip code in each state to search an area.

3. Block people from posting "Wanted ads" in for sale sections. You think you found what you're looking for. And it's one of the dozen of repeated "wanted ads"

4. To be able to search a vehicle with better search options. Such as "fuel type" or "year to year" search.

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I think the biggest thing would be an option for online payment and shipping. That helps tremendously.
An "offer up" tab to separate from Free tab too many people price at $0 and in detail box say not free make an offer also a way to stop people from writing free in post examples "Feel Free Too.." "Free Quotes" "Pet-Free, Smoke Free" "Free to Try" .
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After getting burned too many times to count from dbb (deadbeatbuyers) I have now have ppl message me when they are at the meeting location. I don’t waste my time anymore waiting & waiting for someone who will never show, nor has enough respect to communicate. Problem solved. Another thing I do as well, is if the buyer has scheduled to meet a w/in a few days I make sure to confirm the day before. I have found that after confirmation has been sent and if they respond right back then chances are that they will show up.
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Great advice @Sidewalkgum, always confirm everything, never expect anything. Ooh we need a burn count, where you can earn new badges for the number of times burned and flaked on, something like prestige.
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Can we get a way to filter posts? Specifically I want a way to filter out posts from a specific user... This one dude keeps listing everything he's selling under bicycles, despite most of the stuff being decor and power tools. Don't want to flag every single item as miscategorized, especially when the posts stay in my feed.
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Go back and put the prices on the main photos, no use in using the app anymore if i have to click every single item to see the price.