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@Anonymous1 That could definitely be fun. Smiley Happy

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I would like to see a category for Educational Supplies. This category would attract   parents/teachers/homeschoolers

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@Shupat Oh that's a good idea. Very true. 

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Alerts for items I’m looking for when there posted with the ability to have multiple areas.
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Hey @Bancell,

There is nothing wrong with your wish list! What are you looking for?

Welcome to our forums. Take the time to look around the forums. Please chime in if you have any questions.


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How about making settings stay until you decide to change them??? Man, i get tired of having to change the distance or price range evey time that I look for something different. It gets VERY FRUSTRATING!!! Also, if I'm in a different location, it takes quite a few tries for the zip code to change or to revert back to my home zip when i'm home.Also, If I click auto parts ,then type in sentra, it goes to autos and trucks section every time!!! YUP, you guessed it, I gotta go back again and change the section. Man, when are fixes gonna happen????????

Hi @Elin, could you suggest a bullet point , let's say under ACCOUNT - (under the "?"), a section that states what was introduced under the latest update?

I believe this would make it easier on us to know what new features have been rolled out, know what problems have been solved, inform us of what your tech staff is aware of.
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What I would like to see is a way to block certain sellers. That way I can get rid of the tire shops in the Phoenix area that flood my feed with hundreds of ads every singe day.

Good afternoon @RenoHolland, @Elin, @Mj_206,

I'm also in Maricopa County and I concur with RenoHolland that there is a lot of redundancy that make scrolling through the pics a burdensome chore.

While we're at it, I'd like to to see if at the server level you could tag, warn, and eliminate the multiple listings with the same pic and same description.

I have listed similar items, with similar descriptions, and within moments, that listing was deleted. Yet, I've taken the pains to peruse through these redundant listings and have found no difference in the pics, nor the descriptions, nor the prices. What gives?
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Hey @TimsNewAndUsed! I totally and completely hear you on this feedback. I'm in the process of finding the right person to contact to brainstorm some solutions for this and will be sure to pass this feedback on.