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Thank you @Mj_206 for your prompt response. As a former software engineer, I take keen note to nuances and similarities. Thank you for staying attentive to the suggestions we users come up with. ☺
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Oh interesting. So you'd like a feature where you can more schedule out your posts? This is a brilliant idea. 

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Do what Craigslist did several years ago, separate business- and private posts and give the user the choice to see business posts only, private posts only or both. Apply it to the main feed as well as the categories.

@Mj_206, if "scheduling" a post would require too much (re)programming, you might suggest to your software engineers to allow the users to "stage" our listings and allow us to submit the listing at our choosing.

My suggestion would allow us time to perfect our verbiage and then rollout our listed campaign at a given time and time proximity so that we could identify the old listings for deletion or bump.
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Love it!! Keep these awesome ideas coming! Smiley Very Happy

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@Elin, How about Buy Now Button where buyer file out form to ship to their door step so kept their info private. Seller didn't needs to know buyer address. All communications will go thru this OfferUp apps. Imaging all the things we could do with all this free times, cut cost, traffic, save money on gas, wear and tear on your vehical, and so on etc. This way Seller will sell more products and move inventory faster, make more money and happy of course. Its safe and hassle free. This will make this platform very popular helps millions user aslo connect thru Offer Up apps. Free bump is a must for few items new or old listing, if it can not be free bump then had a way win or earn free bump.
Good morning @Elin, @Mj_206,

About 2 weeks ago I posted a suggestion regarding a bullet point under
that would be akin to most software's

My explanation was that it would help us users understand what was rolled out in the the latest update.

I would like to amend this request and ask if upon the update, a MESSAGE would appear just like we receive when we have a potential buyer or inquiry.

It would still be nice to have the full listing of ALL changes under ACCOUNT - ?, but the immediate MESSAGE would alert us to what just took place overnight when the OfferUp app was updated.
Good morning @Elin and @Mj_206,

I just sold an item that I had listed as "buy one or buy all".

I wanted to rate the buyer since he was such a gentleman, but I wanted to continue listing the remaining items.

So I copied the DESCRIPTION, marked the item sold, and then relisted with the update count. The result was a new listing PLUS the old listing with the word SOLD across it.

I immediately ARCHIVED that SOLD listing as to not confuse and exacerbate other buyer's with "multiple" listings and/or conflicting messages. That is, how could there be two identical listings with the exception that one said SOLD?

My request to you two is to send to your software engineers a request that when a user hits the "relist" button, that the SOLD listing will be automatically ARCHIVED.
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Save Search Notifications..
We should be able to get alerted on things we're looking for.. (Ex. 2018 Silverado [ON] (can turn it off) and be notified everytime someone posts a new one.. Would be an awesome addition.. Thanks
Good evening @0317,

I hear you. Until OfferUp comes up with an apparatus to deal with this kind of transaction, I'm going to continue do as I mentioned in my post a couple of weeks ago (back one page).

This might mess up the contiguous count that OfferUp is going after, but I also don't want to short our buyer's from a good rating if they deserve so (by the same token, I certainly wouldn't want to short a bad buyer of a critical rating so that great sellers can cautiously approach a potentially bad experience).

Although our approach requires a few more keystrokes, my belief is that we're helping our fellow sellers while keeping the buyer's intact (as much as possible!).