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Please offer a setting in app where between certain times you will no longer hear the OfferUp CLANG! Man Surprised



Level 7
@L0stgirl Going forward you are going to have to emphasis to your buyers that the must pick up on the day they paid and that you can't really hold onto furniture longer as you really need the space. When a day is set for pick up ask them if they have the an appropriate vechile for pick up. Remind them of the dimensions of the furniture and how they would need a van, truck, or large SUV for pick up. Maybe, you can tell them if they don't pick up that furniture will go into storage at there expense,then tell them what that fee would be per day. This is an aggressive tactic that may or may not work. So tread lightly.

Honestly, I thought your post was going to be about you getting scammed. It is a pleasant surprise hearing that buyers pay you in advance and take there time picking up the furniture you are selling. This is a testament to you--they seem to trust you. You must be a very reliable seller. Kudos!
Level 1

As a buyer, I would love to be able to set preferences in my account so I don't have to manually change the distance and disable the shipping option. I'm not looking for small things that can be shipped - I'm looking mainly for furniture and aquariums. 


And, I agree with the poster that suggested Offer-Up be rid of the commercial posts. I'm looking for things locally; I'm not looking for several-thousand dollar items from pet suppliers.

Level 4
I would like to see ratings separated into buyer and seller. I want to know the good sellers and the good buyers, and I think the aggregate ratings mask flaky behavior on one side or the other.
Level 4
The app really should have some advisory when you find an item well out of your area. Last night, got hit up by a dude 100 miles away thinking he could hop on a bus and pick up a couple of DVDs. I tried to explain the harsh realities of geography to the dude, but not sure he could grasp that it might be cheaper to walk over to his local WalMart. Point is, app could probably do a bit more to assist challenged followers like my new buddy.
It would be nice to have the option to view our "offers" in descending or ascending order.

Right now, I don't see a pattern of how our offers are appearing (possibly entered order?)

My thinking is if we can see our offers in most requested order (or least requested order), we can immediately adjust our prices to sell that item.

Addressing this issue would make more sense of the "views" statistic already kept.
Level 3

PLEASE stop diluteing OfferUp with tons of listings that you click on and find out it's not local.


*Or at least OfferUs an option to choose to only see LOCAL ADS.  


So much time is wasted with this new release and imho it really takes away from the app.


Thanks! =)

Level 5
I’m curious as to what’s happening on your end. How are you seeing NON LOCAL ads if you have PICK UP selected? I don’t seem to be having any issues on my end
Level 9
If you mean just too far adjust your search criteria. If you mean out state shipping, you are in the shipping tab. You do have control over everything except paid ads for big named stores.
@Kali108 you can adjust your range for the items within your distance. If you choose the shipping section and not the local you're going to see items from all over. My local distance is set for 10 miles in my area