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Hey @MeMe2 you don’t have to tap and open it if you don’t want to, they did add a feature where you just hold you finger on the item on the app, it pop open and gives you a little more information before opening the post. If you don’t like the price just lift your finger off and continue browsing, or slide your finger down to open the item post. but yes I’d still like to see the price before opening the posts.
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Ability to add or delete text from all or some other your posts at once, like a price reduction of a %. Chose a category and reduce all items listed for a certain time without sales and reduce by a certIn amount.

Add a line if text like, no deliveries, or not at home e between certain hours, or maybe your having phone problems or the app isn't sending messages in reL time and you might take longer to reply.

Buyers will see you recently updated the post and will be confident that you will be replying back soon but bit immediately.

Also get rid of the reply return rate! Seriously flawed, says I'm at 85% which is beyond even possible limits considering I'm getting 100 messages a day sometimes, that means in bit trying to15 messages a day! So untrue I'm here to sell, why would I not Rey back? The real problem is the app doesn't always get messages posted to me in real time, it waits for hours at a time and send 6 or more along with 1 that wS just sent. This happens constantly to me, I'm alwYs missing sales because of this issue. I rRsly get any notifications. None so far in 2 days.

Today alone I had 10 messages but I check the app every 30 minutes just in case it doesn't notify me, but I see nothing and then 6 messages a time dated from 4 hours ago, and 1 just now.
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I forgot to mention that I reply back to every one and I'm constant apologizing for the apps bad messaging service, which I should not have to be doing on 5 out of 6 messages I get. I have lost so many sales just today alone because of this issue. 10 buyers not 1 shows or they don't reply back, and who's to blame then after a 4 hour time period without any reply from me since I have no idea they ever sent the messages until just that moment when I sent the reply back
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Hi @zinda did you report this issue to the OfferUp customer care team?, you can also try signing out and sign back into the app. I’ll also tag @Elin Community manager on this issue your having.
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A feature that allows a customer to know that I'm "closed", not just for vacations but during my work hours.
I agree that alerting others to no show/no cancel buyers AND sellers is a necessary feature for the app! The above scenario has happened to me, too, but I was the buyer, had rented a vehicle, confirmed multiple times on price, location, date, and time, etc.
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As a buyer, I would like my search preferences/filters to be saved. It's Inconvenient to have to remember to go in each time and select the distance for the search parameters.

As a buyer, I'd like every post to have to include whether or not the item has been around smoke or has damage. This could be accomplished through checkboxes and drop-down menus.

I'd like to be able to amend feedback.

As a seller, I'd like to have the ability to use and re-use a basic template. (No Trades, Holds, Price Firm, etc.)

As a seller, to make the app more equitable, I think it's necessary to divide the app between commercial sellers, or those who buy wholesale, and true sellers who live within my local community.

The number of items being deleted and reposted just to get them at the top of the page is getting out of control. Limits & penalties/negative feedback would help.

The free category should be eliminated and replaceced with a strictly monitored donation category. The Free Category is being abused by sales persons and business owners who advertise wares that cost money. They Get around this by offering something free, but only if one buys a, b, or c.
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It is such a pain to have to go thru my lists of saved items in my board catergories for items I am interested in that have been unlisted or sold. Offer up already messages you when items are sold and they should message you also when an item is unlisted and Once you receive that message for that item sold/unlisted offer up should automatically archive those items so i do not have to manually do. Its very annoying to scroll thru items no longer for sale and have to 1 by 1 remove them so you can get to other items still for sale you want.
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As a seller we should have the ability to list an item in more than 1 catergory. With all the catergories now and knowing it is a matter of if you reach that buyer in the catergory they are browsing potentially losing sales if you didnt choose the catergory they are scrolling thru. With so many catergories many items can be in 2 or more catergories. For example: a Tv can go under Tv, electronics, household, or general catergory, a picture frame can list in photography, household, or general, A kids items can be under toys, games, or kids, An appliance could be listed under appliances, household or general. So which catergory do you choose to make that sale. Being a member for over 2yrs with over 700+ sales/purchases and seeing the app. grow and improve over time is awesome but the question sometimes is what catergory is best and the best way to sell your item.
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Level 1
I think that there should be some kind of monthly prize or insentiveto keep useing and being a loyal offer up seller...example .... People who have 100% get put into a drawing and at random there name gets drawn and they recieve something ...