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This is the same method that I use when selling duplicate items.

Have you noticed that when marking the ad sold any buyers that was watching or had ask about that item is notified that the item sold and is deleted from your inbox?

Now, before I mark sold I save the buyers information and send them the updated ad.

Is this making sense?

Have you found an easier way to keep the buyers updated?

Good evening @Shupat,

No, I concur with you and your steps. I've not found a simpler way.

These things we've been talking about though should be food for thought for the software engineers when designing this apparatus. I can't imagine that OfferUp hasn't considered this situation. This is all to common
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@TimsNewAndUsed  Thanks for your prompt reply.  Smiley Happy


I am not very tech savvy, as a result, I sometimes take the long way around.

I was hoping for a shortcut.



As I reinforce the concept in my trig students,
"The shortest distance between two points is a straight line", however, a curvilinear line between us sellers and our buyer's is justified in light of my previous discussion. 😊
Good afternoon @Elin and @Mj_206,

I have a new request for your software engineers.

Would it be possible for the ASKING and PRICE when displayed as thumbnails and when you display the listing to show the price and quantity available for sale?

For example, if I'm selling 3 widgets, it would be nice for my prospective buyer to see that I'm offering:

$10 / 3

(that is, $10 for all 3).

By the same token, if I have 3 widgets for sale $5 ea or if you buy all 3 I'll take $10 the same apparatus could be used to show:

$5 / ea
All 3 for $10

This would eliminate the ambiguity of someone listing


On a listing for a pallet of bricks.
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I'd love to see a category for homeschool/educational items and also an "in search of" or "wanted" category where someone can post a note or something of what they are looking to purchase and in need of or in search of. I think if I saw that I'd see something someone was looking for and say "hey, I have that and don't need it" then it's a win win situation, the person gets what they are looking for and seller makes more room and cash for something they had, didn't need and didn't think of selling.
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Hi @JLB7, Welcome to Community Forum. Are you seller or buyer? That sound good ideas categorized subtilte. Feel free to browse through this Community Forum leave comments and give somes Kudos earns somes badges. Good luck and have a blast selling on OfferUp app.
Good morning @Elin and @Mj_206,

After thinking over my proposal of 2 weeks ago, I came up with a simpler solution.

What if when we are creating the listing, we could check a box for "Quantity Discount" on the page where we declare our selling price?

This is how it would play out:

On the initial page when we first sign onto OfferUp, we see the multiple pics from our friends and neighbors. Right now, we see "Promoted" in the lower left if the lister bumped his/her product.

If the lister checked the "Quantity Discount" box, a "Q" for example would appear in the upper right. This would tip the potential buyer to the fact that the price listed could apply to the whole lot OR it could be a single unit price.

At this point, it would be up to the lister to explain what his/her price means. The lister could even present a graduated pricing matrix.

For example,

I list a pallet of bricks for $20 and I checked my Quantity Discount box. I'm my description I would list the following:

1 - 25 ($1per)
26 - 50 (.75per)
51 - 75 (.50per)
76 - 100 (.25per)
Take all 150 for $20!
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I would like OfferUp to be a platform for individuals only and not allow commercial enterprises to use it. This is a problem for Craigslist as well. I am looking for deals from private individuals but I have to sift through commercial retailers using the platform to advertise items that aren’t really a deal. OfferUp is making mistake by allowing this to happen and it will end up not really being anything special. Very disappointing to see car dealers and other commercial retailers keep reposting the same old crap. No deals, just more clutter
Good morning @AlejandroDe,

A good compromise would be to have a choice if PRIVATE and COMMERCIAL, just like LOCAL and SHIPPING appears now upon firing up the OU app.

This would give the buyer an opportunity to shop the local neighbors vs shopping the close out inventory of the large retailers.