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OfferUp was cool when it first started as a consumer-to-consumer virtual garage sale/ classified ads app. However, businesses and retailers have FLOODED the app with their marked-up, overpriced crap...and then charging sales tax on top of it. Its a shame you have to weed through dozens of ads from ONE seller when looking for an item (furniture is the worst, but all items seem to be affected by this). If I wanted to pay retail price and sales tax...I'D GO TO A SHOPPING MALL!!
There needs to be a way to filter out items that are being sold by business/retailers. Im most likely deleting this app if this trend continues.

Users have been compalining and offering suggestions to fix this for years, nobody cares it seems, they want the app to become completely useless.

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I am in same boat.
If I search for smartphones, I get posts from retailers only. It is rediculous. I think we may need to move to another app as there is no option to block or filter out retailers.
Without these features, offerup will become useless soon.
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This site is trash. There are sellers with actual thousand of duplicates and there is nothing we can do to stop it or even avoid seeing the ads. 

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Admin, helpers, owners, friggin do something about the spam, why do you allow the site to be abused and not do a goddam thing about it?