Firm is the price so why do people keep trying to lowball me? The price is firm people.

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Most people ignore the description for one reason or another.

It's common anywhere.

How long has your ad been up?

You may need to adjust pricing either way.

Value put on an item varies from person to person.

Same with lowballing.
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@Lowballup73 welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,
Lowballup73 I’ve found people always make OfferUp on firm prices using the ask questions option. I usually get a better offer when I post my items priced firm, but yes you do get some people offering 10 dollars for items that are priced firm at 50 dollars, I just say no thanks and move on to the next buyer.
I just see it as part of doing business these days. just don’t let it get to you, there’s always someone that will give you your price sooner or later hang in there.
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As a seller, my firm price might not be an ideal buying price for the buyer. So they want to make an offer to get it off your hands. For ex: if market value is $100 for an item, you post same item for $80 firm and are getting no bites on it - You been trying to move the item for last 5 months with no offer. Someone makes you an offer for $70, would you take it or no? I would. I would rather make a sale than worry about $10. Sometimes for some items it is ok to accept best offer even if you never intended to do that. ( lately, i have been posting prices close to maket value for my items - and keep it open for negotiation, this will drive traffic to your page... they might see something else that they really want for your asking price).
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welcome to offerup forums @Lowballup73 the answer to your question is simple,,,,,,,,,you get lowball offers because some of us want to buy your product for less money,,,,,,,,,sometimes its because we think its worth less than you do,,,,,,,,,sometimes its because thats all the money we have,,,,,,,,,like say your product is 60 dollars, we offer 10 ,offerup buyers have trained us that its first come with the money gets it,,,,,even if they say yes,,,we can wait two days till you get your pay check pay day comes they have already sold it even if they said they would wait,,,,,,,,,so since ten dollars is all we have today,,,,,this is our only chance,,,,,,,,we make the offer,,,,,,,,,other times its because we buy and sell to make a profit and if we ask enough folks to sell for less ,,,,ten percent do sell to us for a lot less,,,,,,,,,,,so its all a matter of how many we ask,,,,,,,most of us do not mean to offend you by making a lower offer,,,,,,,,,,and sometimes its just because we like to barter ,,,,,,,,,,,,,your firm price,,,,,,,,well i have never made a low offer when its firm,,,,,,,,but lots of people i know have,,,,and guess what,,,,,,,,most sellers dont really mean firm when they say it,,,,most sellers will come down at least some.

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And yes if I wanted to give my stuff away I would pour gasoline on it and set it on fire first and then you can have it how about that. Ccan't stand greed stuff is expensive and if you want stuff for free go behind your local Goodwill dump into the dumpster just don't get caught
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Jump inside your local Goodwill dumpster and get your stuff for free just don't get caught. cuz my stuff is not free I'm about ready to put gasoline on my stuff and set it on fire That's My Prerogative and I will do it if people don't start buying my stuff by Monday I will delete this b*******and tell everybody not to use it . Freedom of speech don't respond to this cuz you might not like my response I got bills to pay and nobody gives a s*** Welcome to the Real World pal
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Recently I purchased a $5,000 carbon fiber mountain bike for $800. No it was not stolen because they had the manuals from the original purchase. He was selling the bike for $1,400. When I offered the $800 I felt like I was low-balling him. But I figure the worst that could happen is he doesn't respond or simply says no. They could tell me how ridiculous my offer was but I would simply take that as an aggressive no and think to myself how pathetic their lives must be and happy I did not contribute any money towards it.

I feel people who get angry at low ball offers and respond in a derogatory manner are far worse then the people who actually low-ball. Yes, this is not Walmart or any retail store so the buyer is trying to find the best deal possible on a item where there is absolutely no warranty or recourse if something goes wrong with the purchase.

To me there is no such thing as a lowball offer there is only a Deal or No Deal, that simple.

I have had many people offer a lower price when they come to pick up. All I say is "feel free to come back when you have the money".
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Good Deal is one thing but most of the buyers on Offee Up think you should give them something. I have a right to have an attitude after about 10 to 20 crazy offers on a day
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Hi @BAK welcome to the forums,,,i dont much like the low offers either ,,,,but its a fact of life,,,,,i have been selling my services and used items for over 40 years,,,,,low offers is a fact of life,,,,,,even as far back in history as when the bible was written there have been low offers,,,,,,,,,there were plenty of low offers mentioned in the bible also,,,,,just the way it is,,,,,,,,,,,having a bad attitude about it does not help you to sell your items. I myself have made lots of low offers,,,,for many reasons,,,,,,at times that was all the money i had,,,sometimes thats all that i think the item is worth,,,,,,,,,sometimes i make low offers on materials i used for my work,,,to get the price down for my customers.,,,,,,,,as a seller i am very careful about what i price my items at and then i price them a little bit higher that what i will take,,,someone gives me a low offer,,is think about thier offer carefuly,,,,look at the persons profile,,,look to see if they are just a buyer or a buyer and a seller,,,,,,look at what they are selling and the prices,,,,,then from that i decide on a counter offer most times,,,,,,sometimes i just say no thankyou,,,,,sometimes i just repeat the price i have my item marked at,,,,,,,,,every low offer is a different situation,,,,,kinda like playing kinda like playing poker,,make it a game and instead of having a bad attitude,,,,have fun with it,,,,,,,,,,,,for some items im not willing to go down,,,and for some people im not willing to go down,,,,,,one lady that keeps making low offers on some of my stuff,,,three items so far,,,,even if she offers me full price ,,,,,i dont plan on selling to her ,,unless she cleans up her offers page, i kinda dont want to do business with people that dont follow offerup rules,,,,,,,multiple listings and panhandling are not acceptable to me,,,,,,,,anyway,,,,,having an attitude hurts you more than it hurts a potential buyer that your upset with.