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I just wanted to say !Hello! to all the folks here and give my thoughts and impressions of OfferUp and it's users/traders. I won't go into all the nuances and frustrations of buying and selling via a local online marketplace, but I see OfferUp as having great potential if they would just take steps to develop a proper user/seller rating and reliability system, and a status indicator of each item offered.


I think OU should take a cue from the top online resellers and institue a comment and review rating system that determines a seller or buyer's trustworthyness based on compitence and character, and should be percentage based, rather than a 1-5 star system. Blow off offers that you make all the time? BAM- demerits! Say you'll meet someone on a particular day for an offer you've accepted, but never message back with a time or place? BAM- demerits!


Buyers and sellers alike should have the ability to base how they handle a transaction knowing the other user's % rating. Got a 18% buyer's reliability rating?, I'm probably gonna take your offer with a grain of salt. A 96% rating?- I'll probably make much more effort to accommodate you. By the same token, I'll probably not going to get my hopes up if you are a seller who has reviews that say "Seller accepted my offer, but I then got an automessage saying the item was sold a half hour before our meeting", or "Seller refused to meet anywhere but in the woods". I know the difficulties of moderating a comment system, but that's not anything that a billion dollar company shouldn't be able to handle, am I right?


I'd love to also see a sale status indicator showing how many official offers have been made for an item and for how much. It would also show whether an offer has been accepted and if an interaction is in progress, which would allow a buyer to determine whether s/he wants to make a higher offer, or one for a similar amount but with a sooner purchase.


Also, some useful features that others have requested would be a wishlist/alert system to message you when an item you are looking for becomes newly listed, and the no-brainer ability to make posts from a PC. I sure don't understand the business model of "let's limit our userbase to keep our business from expanding beyond our control".


Currently, my buying/selling status is that I have accepted an offer for one item I have, but haven't heard back from the person in three days, and I made an offer for an item that was accpted by the seller who told me they could meet me today, but I haven't heard back from them in 3 days either, letting me know the time and place. What a waste of time!


But overall and despite it's shortcomings, I'll continue to use OfferUp in the hopes that much-needed advancements are soon to come. I'll also likely post and comment here because I am opinionated and expressive, but also quite friendly Smiley Happy


Happy trading!

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Make it available to only TruYou and sure.

I'm not even TruYou, but I've done business with quite a few.

These text ratings can be faked as easy as stars if you have 30+ friends.

Who's to say someone who hates you wont write up a bad review just because.

Sure you can debate the rating, but based on the time it takes them to take care of regular reports, you'll be lucky it your innacurate comment rating is corrected.

Any additional rating system should only be granted to those with good standing.

Yeah, a couple of your points have been brought up in the past
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OfferUp should use a rating system like eBay, hmm...why don’t I just go on eBay then. I understand the frustration that the ratings can be misleading and it’s tempting to want it to be like that of eBay, but this is a different platform and more local. With that kind of rating system only small business owners will have reliable ratings because most of us only buy and sell occasionally. At that point it’ll just become a retail sale app. Let’s keep this a social media type buy sell app.
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>why don’t I just go on eBay then


Because OU offers a quick, local sale. Otherwise, just use ebay if you have time on your hands and want to ship.

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@PNWd...It is as simple on eBay, as you can search for sellers that are local (miles from you search option and "will call" option).

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I'm not TruYou either, most aren't, and in only accepting TruYou, I'm severely limiting my chances of buying or selling an item quickly.


As for the reviews, you don't need 30 people to make 30 fake reviews, one person can do that easily. But if the reviews were allowed only from the account holders that made the transaction on both the buyer and seller's end, there could be no spam reviewing. Like the seller has the ability to mark an item as -sold- to another OU user, the buyer would have the ability to mark the item as -bought- on their end. If reviews are submitted by either the buyer or seller, and the item has not been marked as "Sold to" and "Bought from", respectively, the review would be flagged for priority moderation before it is allowed, and use the messaging system to prompt each user to mark the transaction status on both ends. It's a rather simple, but clever system that could be written in Python or probably even JavaScript.

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Yes, but there are far fewer locals on Ebay than here I've found. Depends on the item, I guess. I've not had much success at all with local pick-up only on Ebay, but that's just me.