First time on OfferUp and concerned about giving my home address

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This is the message I received from the potential buyer. Please help me😞 I’m new at this.
Thanks for quick response and the beautiful pictures of the item my son just told me about it,I would have love to come to check it out but have been occupied with relatives funeral,but I would like to know why you are selling and the condition it is right now, my son is buying it for my 65th birthday, He will be using the services of a moving company they will be there on next long haul to pick it up if we are lucky enough to buy it from you.

He will send a check to cover the cost,please provide me with your

(1)Full mailing address

(2)Name to be on the check

(3)Phone number

(4)Final price

so he can prepare the payment check immediately and the final price. Please make sure you delete the ad, the pick up will be made after the check has been cleared by your bank.

I will be waiting to hear from you. Thanks
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This is a common scam. Dont give out any info.
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Definitely a scam. Ignore and block them.