Flake Magnet and did I list for free?

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@Woodguychris  Why do you think I wear a hat? Gray hair! LOL! That’s great. Life is to short for being stressed out all the time. Your right. We know that you , we, us, everyone gets stressed. We know that selling and buying on line has its ups and downs. Takes time and patience. Sometimes you just have to laugh. It’s hard sometimes but just remember the next person will come along. You will meet some amazing people. Again you make a great point. Why get stressed over something you can’t control. Sounds to me like you have the secret also. I’m 59. Will be 60 soon. My kids are doing great. My grandkids are doing great. I’m having fun selling and buying and meeting great people. Best of both worlds.

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@Jones68  You are so right! Life is what WE make it! There are so many others whose life's are what others make it. They need only to take back control.

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That’s what I’m talking about! 

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All about positive living my friend @Woodguychris!
There's only two ways to go... ⬆⬇
in this lifetime, being up works best for me, especially when dealing with unreliable users. Not too often.
Btw... still waiting for the no gray hair pic lol Smiley Wink
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@REMEMBRANCE  I’m going to wash that gray right out of my hair. WOW! That’s a time warp! LOL!