Followers, where did they go?

Level 1
I had almost 350 followers ( or roughly around) and now It says I am following around 300 people and only have 7 following me. It took a long time to get 300 followers lol. Hope it's just a glitch or something In the system. Is anyone else having this problem also?
Level 5
have this issue just like me[ dont know how importent it is tho
You’re not the only one, this has been going on for two months. I initially went from over 1000 to 86. I’ve contected support at least ten times and I keep getting the “we are aware and working on it message”

Initially I contacted the community manager on here and they were supposed to have someone working on it for me, but then disappeared after I followed up for updates.

Hopefully it is sorted out soon.

Community Helper
@TheIntDesigner please remove the link as it is not allowed on these forums. Only links to Offerup Support or forum guidelines are allowed.