Forced TruYou will be the death of OfferUp

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EDIT:  Literally within minutes of this post (maybe while I was frantically researching if I gave my info to a scam), my TruYou was verified.  I'm still leaving the post because I believe this is a terrible practice, or at least should have some sort of warning or outline for what requires a TruYou account BEFORE communications.

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I was in the middle of finalizing both a purchase and a sale, then OfferUp disables messaging, forcing me to take a photo of my ID for TruYou.  I already verified literally every other aspect and now I might lose a camera i've been trying to find at a good price for weeks on top of not being able to sell a laptop to purchase the camera before it gets sold.

Now, i've gone as far as finding both contacts on other social networks (one on Facebook and one on Instagram) out of sheer panic. Thankfully they understood how ridiculous of a business model this is.  

This is incredibly concerning and I feel borders some legal issues, as well as making way for others.  I get that using the app is optional, but FORCING me to provide personal information mid-sale is a huge red flag for identity theft.  You can claim it is because of specific items, but nowhere does it say that.  

I've seen old threads saying this is a glitch (from months ago) among dozens of bad scam reviews.  The fact it hasn't been resolved only tells me that you're collecting identities for a 3rd party. I hope this gets resolved incredibly fast.  I'll be blasting scam sites and blogs if not.  Good luck staying in business otherwise.

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Hi there, @ryne - welcome to the community. 


As you noticed, we can generally check your information and have you buying and selling again within a few minutes. Earning your TruYou badge helps to build your reputation on OfferUp, and your TruYou participation helps make our community a more trusted place for everyone. Becoming TruYou verified can be triggered by posting certain types of items, like high-end shoes or laptops.


All data sent to us in this application is secure. The information you provide during this process is encrypted and governed by our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The verification service we use is Level 1 PCI compliant (which is a top-level security clearance)


We won’t share the government ID or personal details you provide with any buyer or seller. We do not collect your data for 3rd parties. They’ll only know that you’ve successfully completed the process when they see your TruYou badge. We never post to your Facebook or other connected accounts without your permission.

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Hi @ryne,,,,,,,,,,,,,so offerup is forcing people to be tru you now?,,,,,,,,,are you new to the app?,,,,,,,,,,,,in my area ive noticed more and more true you people all the time,,,,,,,ive only been useing the app myself for a few months,,,,,and at one point to start with , i thought having everyone be true you would be a good thing,,,,,,,,but as time has passed i have found that the most flakey of the people i have encountered on offer up happen to be tru you verified,,,,,,,,,,,,,so now im thinking it really doesnt matter,,,,,,,,,,plus ,,,,,,some that are tru you verified,,,,,well its not the person in the pic on thier profile that you are really dealing with,,,,,,,so they are using someone else,,,,,and as i watch what is going on with shipping ,,,,,,,,,,,i dont think i would want to trust offerup with that much information ,,,also i was recently ban from this forum,,,but their security here in the forum doesnt work ,,sometimes i could come in ,,other times i couldnt,,,,,,,,i told admin about it and it was suggested that i found some way around it,,,basicly calling me a liar,,,,,,,,,,so for my ban time,,,,,i voluntarily just stayed out,,,,,,,,but it leads me to believe offerup security is not to be trusted ,,,,,,,i mean come on if they cant even keep someone thats ban out of the forum.

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There are other users who have also been asked to be TruYou verified, especially sellers offering new iPhones, NIB laptops,etc. You are also correct that there is NOTHING within the TOS to specifiy as when exactly when a user will be red flagged for a verification process request from OU. To clarify, there is not even a short list of the "questionable items" anywhere, nor is there an amendement, so that a seller can avoid this preemptive chokehold.


I am not paranoid about sharing my private info. if there are any real advantages. eBay and Paypal have my personal and banking info. Paypal has my SS# on file, just like a bank. There are no financial advantageous to be TruYou verified, as OU only facilitates the initial meeting between a seller and the potential buyer.


It is irrlevant whether or not the private information is shared or not. If company "A" is purchased by company "B", company "B" can do whatever it wants with its new acquisition and all of its new holdings. It might not be in the near future, but I am willing to bet that OfferUp will either be sold or be eaten by a bigger fish. LetGo has very deep pockets with Naspers on its side, Mercari USA Division's parent company Mercari Inc just announced its IPO in Japan, and eBay is constantly looking at the rear-view mirror, as reality hits its bottom line...losing ground fast.

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LOL,,,,,,,,,so let me get this strait,,,,,,,,,,,,,if offerup believes someone to be a shady character because they are flagged because of somethings they are selling or something,,,,,,,,,,,,,then they are forced to become true you?,,,,,,,,,,,and then we are supposed to trust those that are tru you more than ones that are not?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,This is what i have been noticing in my own community,,,,,,,,,I see some people that i KNOW to be shady characters ,,,that i KNOW to have criminal records that are now tru you,,,,,,,,,,,and i was thinking that they just became tru you because it didnt matter to them ,the cops already know they are shady characters and have all their information already. I tend to pay close attention to this , because long before i started using offerup ,when my business was broken into ,,,,the police suggested i look at offerup and craigslist to see if i could find my stuff being sold.,,,,,,,so far i find that the most flakey people i have had to deal with on offerup were tru you,,,,,,,,,,,,,not to say that some of the good folks are not also true you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but i myself put no real stock in a persons profile , i do look at the profile and study it every time someone first messages me though,,,,,and have made more sells to folks with limited profile info,all good sales. i have met a lot of good folks on offerup 

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You cannot block me out of this page @Mj_206 I just reported you to the main OfferUp page , you are just going to have to start a whole other forum you got caught here is proof everyone she cannot block me out of her own Forum page how is that possible? Lol
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Do you work for offer up @Elin ? Because on your profile it's states that you are a founding member correct?

@mrdreamer1 I do. I am in charge of this whole forum. I am incredibly confused as to what is wrong. And if you don't stop spamming, your posts will have to be deleted as it is against our guidelines. I've also sent you a Private Message. Let me know. 

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Because somehow I am a founding member too and I do not know how I have asked you along with other people and they do not respond the truth I have reported you guys already if I get deleted all well but you will get deleted with me

@0317 Of course it's trusted. You went to 12 different IP addresses to sign online. We are working on ways to not have this be a possibility. Message me if you have any questions.