Fraud alert—- Phisher


User Name: DEA 

Phone Number: 253-343-0239

State: Florida


i was selling a dress on offer up when i was contacted by this individual around 930am on 6/11/2019. He asked me if i can send the dress to florida, when i said yes, he asked me for my phone number. I gave it to him. he immediately text me and said "this is clark from offerup beading wedding dress 700" and sent the message twice. I send him pictures of the dress. he said "do you have cash app acount so i can send the money right now" "good" then again said
"do you have cash app acount so i can send the money right now". I said yes then asked him to also send 10 dollars for shipping and gave him my cash app name. He then stated "login your cash app account, attached your email address with it and send it to me so i can send the money right now cos the email address is needed". i said it is not neeed and told him to just use my cash app and that i have never had to obtain an email address to cash app anyone
before. he then sent the same paragraph to me again and said "the email address is needed here" . i said no and told him that if he cant just use my cash app name then i cant sell him the dress. He then ceased communication with me. Luckily I am pretty versed on these scams and was able to recognize it before I gave him too much information. I have since unlinked my phone number from my cash app.

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@QweenButerflyy--It's great that you were able to catch on that this was a scam. It's better no to leave the OfferUp app & communicate outside of it. I'm glad everything worked out for you. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!!