Fraud alert—- fake offer

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I sent the junk jewlery back to Julie along with the nasty "joint massager" that was supposedly brand new, and I bet she sold it all to someone else for $60. At least I have a clear conscious when I put things up for sale, as I am ALWAYS 100% HONEST!
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Sorry this happened to you. This is one reason as a seller I don’t offer shipping. I want my customers to be able to see, touch item before purchase. This way we can negotiate price, and both walk away happy. Also I don’t respond to those requesting me to email them. I hope you were able to work things out.
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Did you ever get the care team info? I sure could use it! Wonder why it's so hard to find?

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@vonnieb63 here is the link for customer support:
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Agreed. Policeman doesn’t want to deal with this and offer up is even worse.
Do u feel this app should be taken down for supporting all scammers and conmen from their website?
I just got scammed from a trumember for a faked fraudulent bag and receipt named Ali blond about. 5.0 or 5.1 drive a small red Lexus.
Offer up team didn’t even bother to help me as a serious victim. The seller / scammed marked the item as sold but I couldn’t open the message. I contacted policeman I contacted offer up but they didn’t seem care at all.
Now I am doing a research how to report a app. I hate this app for not securing and supporting even tho they have the scammers info cuz she registered as a trumember.
Ridiculous app- for supporting fraudulent people and transactions!!
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- I’m late to this post but I totally agree. OfferUp telling us to go to the police is like me telling someone with a broken leg to go to the doctor. DUH!

Was the seller banned? Are measures in place so they can’t open another account in a different name to further cheat people? What else does OfferUp actually do to help OfferUp buyers besides telling one to go to the police?
@ReeC It's a bit difficult to make such a police report in my city because the police are so busy and the city I live in is so large and short handed on officers that I feel like they wouldn't even want to bother with it. I would honesty feel bad about making such a report. Here we can't even go into a station to make a report we have to wait for a officer to come to us and most of the time they never show up.