Free bumps..yes please! ;)

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@BHT I agree 100% I have over 80 pages and Iove the app. But it gets to where I'm sending all week trying to repost items that are new and have gone so far down.
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I can understand offerup's reluctance at price reduction to "sell more". It sends the wrong message. Being bumped, believe it or not actually has a cost, it comes at the cost of new arriving items just posted not staying at the top of the list not even for the 4 hours promised if you pay for a bump. So i can't say that reducing the price is the way to go. I think if we take a queue from Uber and Lyft and many community driven apps then earning free credits might be the better option. In fact, the "refer a friend and get free credits" is honestly too limited. Let's take that idea a step further and maybe get credits for each new item a refered friend posts, and possibly even residual credits from the cc sales. Make it possible to collect credits on a regular basis and in return offerup gets as many new posts with new items it can handle. With any luck it should double participation since by default I'd have to get a friend to sign up for them to start snapping pics of every item in their garage sale. That would be a good day for all of us i think.
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@Tin_Man I love how you think Smiley Wink

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So has this issue been resolved yet these were posted comments from October last year!?!?!
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I like how Facebook marketplace has theirs set up; a free bump every 7 days. Perhaps something similar, but on whatever frequency would make more sense with the posting rate on OfferUp. Sorry if this has already been suggested, I only read a few posts before throwing in my 2 cents.
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-Ciao' @Shop-w-Faith-

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Glad you have joined in with inquiries and insight 😊

Believe OfferUp is still on the fence with this issue... no confirmation to date 👍
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What issue needed to be resolved? Free bumps?

That's a growing request that being debated, I wouldn't necessarily call it an issue. Just something some of us would like see; others, not so much.

It's an ongoing discussion that the OfferUp team is monitoring and taking into consideration going forward. What do you think about free bumps?

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"FREE BUMPS" @cyclomatic...!!!
Yes, please!
I’m with you I’m selling items to start a business the more I can save the sooner I can get my business off the ground kudos to no charge for bumps
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I wouldn’t even have the time to bump mine twice a week if I had a full-time job