Free bumps..yes please! ;)

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I totally agree. I sometimes don't get to post my items until pretty late at night, and business the time morning comes and people are looking, my items are to far down to be seen. A free bump a day would be great. Although, I doubt that Offer-up will do it, as I'm sure they are making a killing on people paying for bumps. It would be nice though.
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I totally agree with free bumps!

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We are posting more than 10 items per day and if we pay 1.99 per item that would be $19.90. Am i right? I think it is too much!
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That would absolutely crush your profit margins. If they want to encourage more small businesses to use them, then they should consider making them free. Maybe even just for those that post multiple items per day, to encourage those small businesses to use their services. Js
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Even if everyone had a free bump a day your items wound still be moved to the bottom of the page by everyone else's free bumps...that wouldn't work. There's too many people and it would be the same problem your free bump will be moved down by 100s of other peoples free bumps..
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Yes, but I am afraid that's another way for Offer Up to make money!!
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Wow, that is quite a bait and switch tactic there. Maybe the seller wasn't getting any buyers and decided to list items as free to hook people in and then at the meet up do the switch. That tactic tells me all I need to know about the seller. What a smooth-smoothie they are. This is why it is always good to say in your chats with them something like, "Hi there, I am interested in your product but I just want to make sure you didn't accidentally list it as free. Is it really being given a way for free?" This will keep things straight and if the item was accidentally listed for free then this mistake could be corrected. Outside of that, I would report anybody listing items for free and then trying to make you pay for it. It is deceptive and unethical to this SMH at this bs people pull.😠
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@ALLY78--You never truly know the true intentions of others. At the same time, when I experienced a lack of sales, sometimes when I get that genuine person who makes conversation when you meet up, & they might say something in reference to another item their looking for, when I have that particular item or something similar I might send a message for that person to check out my profile. That's one way you already have net the person, you are aware of their intentions on some level, & you're making a sale (as oppose to waiting around or hoping that right buyer comes along). Thanks again!!
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I agree 100% I don't understand where the whole free bumps came from because I've never had them and I've been using this site for almost three and a half years