Free bumps..yes please! ;)

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Love this first post of yours, @Foreversocal - welcome to the community!

I completly agree with you! I'd love to see some sort of way to unlock a free bump. Like on your OfferUp anniversary, or once you've successfully completed a certain amount of shipping transactions, reached a certain star milestone and so on! 

Great idea. Volume will make you more profit.... It might even reduce the number of duplicate posts and hopefully reduce the number of posts being placed in the wrong catagory just to get more exposure.
Maybe have both options standard bump
(10 cents) with cragory limit and a Mega Boump (s5) that blasts an ad icon to all catagories.
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@Elin, Hi ! The last 7 new items I have posted have never made it to the top of the page! What's up with that? I posted a new item today, and it hasn't posted! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME? I HAVE REDUCED THE PRICE OF EVERYTHING, as we are moving next month and taking NOTHING with us. PLEASE, Elin, HELP ME!
@Mari832 items will not stay at the top of the page as they fall with other people posting. If a dozen people in your area post at the same time they're going to fall in place as they move down the list. If bumps were cheap everyone would be bumping and your items are still going to fall very fast as everyone will be bumping to the top. Of your items aren't showing right away give them a little bit of time to load into the feed. You might have to keep reposting your items over and over if you want them at the top without paying to bump them for you. A bump does not keep them at the top for a certain amount of time the promotions are what keeps them at the top.
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Yeah if you do free bumps Certain items listed cars / appliances / furniture people would make a hell of a killing they post 50 advertisements of the same thing not even changing a little wording. maybe the need is a better database and forced entry of biz/owner with penalities of mis guided info unless that lister in autos has every title in his name, or the furniture person goes from advertising every identical brown whatever to every different selection that they have.
like it or hate it ..being over crowded starts with you. who has 10-50 absolutlty new distinguishing different models a day?? your advertising in a comic book vs. tv then.
Yeah me 7