Free bumps..yes please! ;)

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@mellisaoc that's a fantastic idea! Or even participating in the forum 😉
Ya its totally not worth it for me. I was figuring out last night on a 18.00 shipped item that's - 1.42 for the 7.9% fee and then a bump for 1.99 that leaves me 14.59 on a 18.00 item. I would have to price my item at 3.41 more to cover just that alone..
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You can edit ur messages for each item that will show your post more than once or if you try to bring the price down.
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I agree with what Goblin said, please check your phone. Other than that, there should be a way to to take back that notification, so as you say you are not giving a seller "false hope". I had a couple of instances where I hit the notification by accident, I usually tell the seller that that was an accident and I apologize to them. But once again, I think that we should be able to undo that notification. It would be a lot less annoying and embarrassing if we could do that.
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They should do like craigs list does. They let you know when your item has been on there for 5 days and they add a free renew button. They continue to do that for you until your ad expires. Then you can decide if you want to re-post that item. You have 45 days total. All totally free. They almost have to offer the free bumps with amount of people posting a day its crazy! Thats the only thing about CL that is really great though.
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MARK 4 I agree with you 100 percent .5cents would be great for both buyers and offer up that way noone is being cheated..And I'm sure offer up would be losing if they gave completely free bumps but 5 cents that would work..Meet in the middle
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I completely agree. Some items that I'm selling are priced at $10 or less, so it doesn't make sense to bump these items as it would take a away a good chunk of my profit and having to copy, paste, archive, and repost these items is a big hassle to have to go through. I could find it a reasonable option when selling something like a car for example, but not everyone is selling high ticket items, and it's just a huge pain when trying to sell lower priced items. Thanks for your post!
Hello @Kelly_Green yes I agree! Even adding 1.99 more to the price to cover a bump fee could hurt the sale of a 10.00 item. I think if it was maybe based on the price of the item like .20 cents for a 10.00 item it would be more cost-effective and increase a profit for Offerup
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Please free bumps! At the least one item a day, free. I have no bank account and I am trying to sell stuff from my storage not just dump off and donate. I am trying to make ends meet. I wish we could all could bump one item a day free. We can wish..

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Free Bumps...Oh, ABSOLUTELY! TAGS said it perfectly! A lot of us that sell on here are doing it because we are in need of $$$. So it is difficult for some but bumps and for others it is just not in the budget. Tks for reading!