Free item woes

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OfferUp is a fantastic app, but holy moly the free section people...

First time I've posted something for free and probably the last.

Many views, many interested people, yet they ignore me after one message or want to give their own times and locations.

Seems like it's more trouble than it's worth.

I'm giving the one person who actually seems interested and willing to work with me to align schedules a chance before I just trash the items.

Anyone else had a similar experience?
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I am new to offer up, I find the free category to be very confusing I spent twenty minutes earlier , looking, please explain to me why would I make an offer for something that is free , this makes no sense , am I to deduce that most of this category has been occupied by , people pretending that they have something to give away free, I don't understand how offer up seems to have a great thing here , again only been here ten days, I would think they can fix this , I hope they can fix this , will they, free is free,
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The Free category is the reason I became a member on OU.
You are actually just showing an interest by responding to their Free item. Normally, when I post Free items, I will receive a minimum of 100+ views within a few hours.
Great, right?! Until you are trying to coordinate an actual meet-up... Lol
That is a whole other topic to explore, at later date. In addition, there are some members who will try to use this category to price manipulate. Please report these users if noticed.GLTU Ciao´ for now.
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If price is negotiable people sometimes put a 0 as a price, which in turn puts it in the free section.

The description usually says this.

If you're confused why something is free and no description all there is to do is ask.

A short "double checking if this is free and where to pick up" should do it.
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Not trying to be difficult, but if price is negotiable, would maybe simply putting that in the ad ( price negotiable,) be the best way for people to know, seeing a zero right next to the words make offer, makes me feel like I am in wrong category when I am not, I'm not sure if it's a combination of offer up , who puts them in the category free when they see zero, and the fact most of the people posting , know exactly where they are going to end up, wow I think I have formed a real opinion, thank you this response has helped me, I believe offer up might be more responsible for this mess, they could fix it easy if they wanted, all they would have to do is make it where when someone puts any number down 0 to infinity there ad would get placed anywhere but the free category,. Free should not be negotiable, time , place, which ads to respond to sure, but free should not get a new definition , with a price attached