Frustrated with shipping practices

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Can I really be the only one who is frustrated with the shipping procedures on this app? I mean it’s really great that the labels are provided but we cannot use priority shipping boxes to ship through USPS? I think maybe, just maybe, the type of labels being provided need to be reconsidered because I shouldn’t have to also go out and buy a box just to ship an item. 😤
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I totally feel your pain I have boxes that it provided for me by UPS and USPS due to the quantity of items we ship However the reason offer up probably won't allow you to use those types of boxes is because By using those boxes it causes a higher shipping charge then if you provide your own in also upgrades the shipping service normally the 3 days from 5 so I'm assuming in their negotiations to get the most profit out of their shipping they probably went with these slower Shipping service to maximize profit