Get rid of the over posters

Level 5

In the metro Phoenix area we are bombarded 24/7 with ads from tire stores. Just a handful of them  are posting non-stop in Spanish, in the wrong category,  including phone numbers and often with pictures of scarcely dressed women.


Often it is not even a post for specific items but a general advertisement for the business, like in the Yellow Pages.


They totally ignore the the rules and reporting them seems to have no effect.


I wish OfferUp would just ban them,  may be after 2 warnings.Or will they just let them ruin it for everybody else?


I don't dare to go to the Auto Parts category because when I do, my general feed will be filled with 70% tire ads for the next week.


Level 9
Thay have banned those shops countless times and they just keep making new accounts they need to banned there ip addresses and mac addresses maybe @Mj_206 could look In to this for us because these shops have been doing this for over 2 years
Level 2

The site likes it this way, they are hoping it becomes completely unsable. Some sellers here in LA have 20 thousand fae ads, 20 thousand, yet we can't even hide them from view. This site is a joke.