Getting a hold of past seller

Level 1
I can’t seem to pull up past purchases from over a month ago. I wanted to get ahold of a former seller to purchase something else.
Level 9
Go to your Notifications, possibly (hidden notifications) any interactions with sellers should be thereSmiley Happy
Community Helper
Hi @Rjgrot welcome to the forum 😊
You should be able to see them, from your OfferUp main page click on icon $ on the bottom right, it opens my offers click on buying tab, did you save the buyer with follow option ? If so from main OfferUp page on the app, left top click on Browse in categories click on from People I Follow, this will show you people you are following, hope this helps you out.😊
Level 3
I'm having the same issue. I'm trying to check and view one of my previous buyer's profile to follow it and I cannot find Any record of communication whatsoever..... No messages, nothing! They even left me a rating and I cannot view it in any way......

Please help?!