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Hi everyone!


We are already seeing some amazing conversations happening in different topics around the forums and we couldn't be more excited to see everyone connect on common ground and share their experiences and tips with each other. 


I just wanted to post a quick reminder on how to use the forums when wanting to comment on a topic or start a new one.


1) Make sure before starting a new topic, to check the forums to make sure it hasn't already been started by another member of the community. If so, go ahead and leave your comment in that thread to keep the conversation going.


2) If you don't see another thread on the topic you are looking for, feel free to create one. Make sure to include a Subject AND content in the Body of your topic.


We hope this helps keep the forums organized for everyone Smiley Happy Let me know if you have any questions below!

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Where is this "My Settings" option that allows you to set your avatar and create a signature?  I have some options when I go to the upper lefthand corner but none of them are My Settings or including avatar changes.

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@rjrobbins2 When you click in the upper right-hand corner, you should see "My community settings". Click on that and then you'll be able to change your avatar and edit your profile. I hope this helps! 

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👍 this was the thread I was looking for please disregard the email I sent


Cher 😎

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@GreatDeals1 Nice! No worries at all Smiley Happy

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Hello! I entered wrong info in my Community Forum profile. How do I delete or remove the profile without deleting/deactivating my OfferUp account? Please help. Thank you