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OfferUp: Stop removing our posts and silencing our questions because you're backed up in errors; this is not our doing, and we deserve our answers and for the very least to be able to post an inquiry on what feels the official OfferUp site since there is no real number nor customer service line. I have been connecting to an expert 5 times, tagged admins at least 15 times, read through countless posts similar to this one, and all of them have 15-20 follow-up customers that are not happy and are still not helped. Why is it your MO to either mute those posts or have a moderator simply followup with a snide remark about how OU is trying their best and that it has come along way since etching stone tablets? Do not release the service if you are not prepared to deal with the influx of inquiries and definitely if you're not able to properly manage our money that we trusted your application to pass to us without hiccup.

I posted last night twice and both were removed. It seems that OfferUp is not getting the message that we need more help in getting our money. Please stop asking that we give you more information over a community board and making it so hard to get an expert on a chat, let alone having absolutely no phone number we can call to ask about our missing money.

For some, the item was purchased with our own cash to be resold to provide stable cash on the side of a primary. However, OfferUp is clearly not a stable and reliable application for users. Your Seller Coverage webpage gives 2 brief paragraphs and then a link to report a user...following up with ONE pressure-tested scenario of an item getting lost in the mail. What happens if a user claims that the item is faulty or broken up reception? What am I to do if the deposit information screen simply accepts my information, disappears, and then requests my information all over again, while I'm losing days with the money I earned and days where the money is mine, since it is released back to the buyer (supposedly) after 90 days.

Instead of having a bunch of community experts comb through the most obscene of these posts and try to do efficient damage control, how about one of your experts respond to my Expert Request since I've tried 5 times now? Instead of suggesting that we do more research before posting these, how about you provide more assurance in the Seller Coverage page to preemptively address those concerns? We are using your service over another, and we are benefiting all parties by using your shipping process; why should we do more work when our hard-earned money is being held? I would strongly urge that you stop replying to these concerns with a "Well, you want your money, don't you?!" mentality and put yourself in our shoes more; this is an obnoxious request for a customer who has seen the massive amounts of effected users that have not received their money even after following your instructions. These forums are foreboding, your other customer service avenues are pathetic, and your attitude is insulting and hollow.

Some of these users have posted these concerns months ago, and I can only find a handful of solutions and most of them are non-relatable, simpleton mistakes that seem like clay pidgeons for your experts. How can you ask someone to dig into these foreboding archives while watching the "notifying experts" icon ebb without warranting any audience, while our money is being held and likely used by your non-responsive application? And while you send us a survey to give you feedback and provide you with more help for your application that is unresponsive for our requests?

This is fraudulent and unprofessional. I love your application, but you need to fix this now.

Again, please send me a personal email to get me the assistance that I need.

This is just a handful of the victims:

@Neonnicole78 @Cgonz0au @mouadallila @Laur @Amby713 @Cghazz @Nutn209 @MegaMilk @Vivalanikkixx @Rockster @JPRinSD @David87 @Dad_Tired @2nd @JRLacedIt @pdxjean @Wathan48 @DeadRebel @Schellye @J9sh 

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It’s ridiculous I only buy stuff now and sell on mercari/eBay. There costumer service is a joke horrible site to sell on!
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Agreed. I'm definitely going to be using other methods to sell via shipping.

Same things happening to me theyve held back my money for 2 months and now my pending deposit just disappeared
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I’ve never sold an item via shipping but noticed that OU has a poor excuse for a seller protection program. I’ve tried to connect to their experts to get tangible information about what they’ll ACTUALLY do in the case of a fraudulent buyer but they just keep redirecting me to the buyer protection page over and over again. I made a post about it on this forum last night and haven’t received any advice from a mod. I’m on board with this call for better customer service, the way things are run now is honestly a tad disrespectful towards the users.
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I don't know who to even write but I'm having an issue where I paid for an item to be shipped to me. The person kept lying about sending item for a couple days til then out of no where cancelled my order. I still have received a refund this was last Thursday this cancellation happened. My question is since after she cancelled I reported the user now I can't see her post since it's been deleted by Offer up. How would I get my refund?
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@Sharymarie93   If you have yet to contact Customer Care, use this form and be specific/thorough as possible.

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Okay so it's been passed 5 days and still no refund!!!!! Who do I go to for this
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Do a charge back with your credit card company. OU SUPPORT sucks so charge backs affect their credit processing