Give your idea on stopping duplicate posts

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I don't like having to see the same item from one person, taking up so much extra space on OfferUp! To even look for your own items, let alone items you might want to purchase, you have to swim through 6 to 8 pictures of the duplicate item. I think it should be forbidden, or the duplicate items be deleted, to be fair to the rest of us. I also think it's a BIG TURN OFF for those, seriously looking to purchase! Mari
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Hi @Mari832 , Welcome to Community Forum. Thanks for sharing I agree 100% with you on this thread. Myself had reported more than dozen times a day and most of them are Cars and Truck. Times to times it also was local pawn shop unleased 500-1000 post in a few hours post with the same items post by different user accounts. They have multiple accounts OU's so they kept repost after it got reports. They're not only take up all space available for those paid bumps but also spamming the feeds that it my thoughts.

OfferUp will have to remove all duplicate post and allow fews bumps a day to helps out local sellers. I thinks this stay true with mission statement once before committing to helps Community buy/sell/simple. Everyone had to log on OU's will have better ideas how many actual user using the OU's app also actual buyer in real times. Buyer will be happier and see what they're really looking for in the app. This will creates balance Market place for both buyers and sellers. Vendors should be registered with the OfferUp app for selling on OfferUp app because they're a business entity. If you have rated dollars amount then if they sell more than twenty three thousand dollars per calendar then consider business. That figure for is Federal government has for below poverty.
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So, do you think management is responsible for deleting these multiple posts of the same item, from the one seller, or are we just going to have to deal with it? I think the person doing this should be charged for each duplicate post!
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I agree, some of these users are obnoxious with their reposting rates. Although I don't know how they can be "charged". I believe people who do this would respond better if there was an admin in app giving out reasons for the ban or post removal.

One users made a longform ad with a window style border. It honestly looked like three or four ads in a row.

The rate at which OfferUp deletes similar ads needs work.

I wish they would be taken down as fast as pr0n or weapons ads.

"do you think management is responsible for deleting these multiple posts"

Yes. It's certainly against the rules.

"are we just going to have to deal with it?"

Unfortunately yes, hopefully our voices will be heard at some point.
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I find when I post my original offer on OfferUp, then posted on Facebook, I always see 2 posts of the same thing. What I do is delete one of the two.
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@Mari832, Yes, I had to guess all post on OfferUp app control by autobot. OU's management control each post as flags by user and requires human intervention. The robots monitor all post main feed. OU's doesn't have enough employees to deal with this platform due to company is expanding rapidly.

I not saying OU's treat anyone special but OU's should charge them a fee to operating business.

They're business entity they buy/ sell million dollars worth merchandise and have their own website and running their own business. Why should OU's pick up their bills?

If this not posible, OU's should have separately section like newspaper classified ads like car, truck, sport, fashion, classified ads etc.. because I'm turn off by ads for car and truck. The main reason that I'm not in market for car and truck yet I encounter endless ads about it in the main feed everytime I log on.

I do buy and sell on OfferUp app. I do prefer separately category so buyer can choose where to go to make that transaction fast. It also better for seller make money and OU's quick responding to customers needs and user friendly.

OU's should STOP ALLOW REPOSTING ITEMS and allow free bumps for new items listing and also tens olds items on the list sellers.

I don't agree with this ideas repost items to main feed because I believe people take avantage. If every user add more with repost every hours tthe systems get out controls just so they get your products on top main feed. It create unbalanced system, yes more eyes balls on the main feed but abuser will continiue thrive. Once user feedup to with duplicate they will move on to competitor.
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Yea It makes a persons page look cluttered and unorganized...