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So I noticed that even a couple days after I made sales on some of my items, that my items for sale number on my profile is higher than the amount of items I have for sale. Anyone else having this issue? I already restarted my phone, uninstalled the app and clear the cache.
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did u delete some item maybe that s why??,
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Except I didnt. I marked several items as sold and then after a day it should lower the numbers on my profile. It hasn't at all. There is no way to delete an item as of right now.
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I am still having an issue. It has been a couple of days since I last made a sale and while my sold items have vanished from my profile like they should, the number besides My Offers has not gone down. I just want to make sure no one else is having this issue before I go thru offerup support.
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I'm having an issue as well. Under my public profile, it has the wrong number of items being offered, and - as an added quirk- it shows my number of sales as 9, yet lists my star rating as including 20 reviews. That's a neat trick.

Please post if you contact OU and hear anything from support.
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I did contact Offerup, but it might be a while before they contact me. I'll keep you informed.
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Looking into this!!

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It was fixed and now is happening again. There is no way that I have 407 items on my account. More like 360, but not 407. I have contacted customer support. What is happening?
It shows more # of sales than you have actual done on your profile that the public can view? That is a good thing unless you have negative reviews. Up until the 1st of this year since 2016 when I joined the number of sales I did was always accurate. I’ve made over 80 sales and now it shows I’ve only made 9. I can’t get the issue resolved and I know that a low number of sales in a 3 year period would be reason enough for some buyers from wanted to buy from me. How did you temporarily resolve your issue or non issue I should say?
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It's not number of sales. It was the number of items I have for sale. It seems to have cleared up for the misnumbering that I had. For your issue, I would contact support.